ericom's breakthrough rdp acceleration technology extends microsoft's protocol - delivers superior end-user experience to sbc and vdi markets
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Ericom’s Breakthrough RDP Acceleration Technology Extends Microsoft’s Protocol - Delivers Superior End-User Experience to SBC and VDI Markets

Ericom® Blaze enables scalable deployment of VMware View and other managed virtual desktops (VDI), and of Terminal Services - to remote / mobile users, branch offices and Clouds – quickly and cost-effectively

Closter, NJ, (September 22, 2009) - Ericom Software, a global leader in Application Access and Virtualization solutions today announced Ericom Blaze, a breakthrough in Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) acceleration and compression technology. Delivering graphics-rich content up to 10 times faster than RDP, the high-performing Ericom Blaze also reduces RDP bandwidth consumption by up to 10 times and optimizes RDP network traffic, significantly improving the user experience across WANs and congested LANs.

Desktop virtualization and Terminal Services computing infrastructures provide the potential for organizations to improve business agility, lower IT costs, enhance data security, and manage a much more flexible workforce. However, today’s requirements for transmitting desktops and applications with rich graphics or animations compromise both the user experience and system usability when transmitted across WAN, congested LAN / Wi-Fi, where they are subject to slow and high latency connections. Until now, many implementations of desktop virtualization and presentation virtualization (SBC), or even just Terminal Services, have encountered significant performance challenges due in large part to the inability to provide remote computing user-experience that matches the local PC-experience.

Ericom Blaze is a key enabling technology that assures greater desktop virtualization and remote access success by overcoming poor remote desktop user experience, bandwidth limitations and latency. Ericom Blaze employs compression, acceleration and intelligent frame presentation to transmit the RDP data more efficiently, creating a much more familiar, local PC-like computing experience for remote end-users. Ericom Blaze:

  • Accelerates the delivery of graphics-rich content, e.g., browsers, Flash and other media-rich applications, over WAN / LAN
  • Reduces IT complaints relating to poor network performance
  • Is fully compatible with all applications accessible via RDP, including graphic-intensive applications with rich user interfaces
  • Accelerates and optimizes connections to all RDP hosts, including Terminal Services, virtual desktops and remote workstations / blade PCs
  • Facilitates deployment of remote computing to users who typically suffer from poor display performance over the WAN / congested LAN
  • Overcomes bandwidth and latency limitations, and eliminates RDP-based network congestion
  • Dramatically reduces RDP bandwidth consumption by up to 10 times, mitigating the negative effects of high network latency

Eran Heyman, Ericom Software’s CEO commented, “The success of today’s remote access solutions hinges on meeting end-user experience requirements. Yet RDP, the prevalent presentation protocol standard, doesn’t hold up to the latency and bandwidth limitations of today’s networks. In addition,” he explained, “RDP is often used to access applications that were not designed for remote access. RDP tricks these applications into being accessed remotely, but there’s a price to be paid in performance—the typical remote experience involves sluggish response times, and images and animations that take a long time to be displayed.”

Heyman added, “Ericom Blaze delivers a much better user experience. We use innovative methods, including packet-shaping and intelligent protocol introspection, to compress and accelerate RDP– something that even hardware accelerators don’t do. The result is a much faster, responsive and efficient remote display protocol that delivers a local PC-like experience from any desktop or thin client across the WAN / LAN, while dramatically reducing bandwidth consumption and optimizing RDP network traffic.” Heyman, concluded, “We’re excited about the growing interest in the market for this offering. Three leading thin client vendors, Computer Lab International (CLI), 10ZiG Technology and VXL Instruments, have already announced the availability of Ericom Blaze on their VDI and Terminal Services thin client offerings, and we expect others to join this initiative as well.”

For SMBs and larger organizations, Ericom Blaze makes it possible to roll out Terminal Services, virtual desktops (VDI), and thin computing to remote / mobile users, branch offices and Clouds – quickly and cost-effectively. As a stand-alone, plug-n-play software product, Ericom Blaze accelerates RDP connections to host platforms such as Windows 2003 and 2008 Terminal Services, both x86 (32-bit) and x64 (64-bit), as well as remote access to Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 desktops. Ericom Blaze is compatible with, and accelerates RDP, for a variety of VDI connection brokers. Ericom Blaze will also be integrated into the upcoming version of PowerTerm® WebConnect – Ericom’s centrally managed Presentation and Desktop virtualization solution, which provides secure, managed access to Virtual Desktops (VDI), Windows Terminal Servers, Blade PCs and other systems. Support for VMware View client for Linux is also available now, with support for VMware View Windows client to be available in Q4 2009.

For more information on Ericom Blaze, or to download a product evaluation or live product demo,  visit: Ericom Blaze

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