Carolina Turkeys Gobble up Emulation Software
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Carolina Turkeys Gobble up Emulation Software

Hackensack, NJ August 2000...Ericom® Software, Inc. announced today that Carolina Turkeys in Mount Olive, North Carolina, the worlds largest single site processor of turkeys is now applying Ericom's PowerTerm® Pro enterprise connectivity software at their facility.

In an ongoing plan to become more efficient and deliver better service, Carolina Turkeys has updated many of their workstations, and their network, as well as upgrading their enterprise connectivity software to include PowerTerm Pro.

PowerTerm Pro maximizes enterprise-wide productivity by enabling reliable, easy access to accounting, inventory, management, transaction processing and other mission critical legacy systems. It is the first terminal emulation product that allows for total integration and full customization in the Windows environment while maintaining accurate and effective terminal emulation.

"With a daily volume of up to 75,000 turkeys being processed 24 hours per day, any production down time can be costly. However, down time from an ineffective use of our IS resources can be just as costly," said Ron Wells, MIS Director at Carolina Turkeys.

PowerTerm Pro's small footprint (uses a small amount of memory) allows the technical staff of Carolina Turkeys to load PowerTerm Pro on their home PC's. Coupling this with their dial-in capability the technical staff can now remotely monitor and correct problems 24 hours a day. Other departments are beginning to use this software as well. For example, sales management is finding it an attractive tool to monitor shipments when away from the office, day or night.

Based on the successful application of PowerTerm Pro, Carolina Turkeys sees future expansion of its use to give their large broker network the opportunity to key in orders and check the current status of an order right from their AS/400.

"With its easy set up, small footprint, ease-of-use and the fact that PowerTerm Pro does not interfere with other desktop software makes my life and my staffs a whole lot easier," said Wells. "This is a great solution for our very busy business."

About Carolina Turkeys:
The Goldsboro Milling Company of Goldsboro, NC and Carroll's Foods of Warsaw, NC privately holds Carolina Turkeys. Established in 1986, Carolina Turkeys has grown to be the world's largest single site processor of turkeys with 75,000 birds being processed daily and 22 million annually. Carolina Turkeys employs over 2,300 of which 2,000 are involved in all facets of production. In 1998, Carolina Turkeys completed a $22 million dollar expansion. An additional $22 million dollar expansion project is now underway. For more information on Carolina Turkeys please visit the Carolina Turkeys homepage at

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