Amazone Chooses Ericom Over Citrix
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Amazone Chooses Ericom Over Citrix

Germany’s largest agricultural and municipal technology manufacturer gains immediate savings on costs and resources by deploying Ericom’s Presentation Virtualization solution

Closter, NJ, (July 31, 2008) - Ericom Software, a global leader in Application Access and Virtualization solutions, today announced that Amazone, Germany’s largest agricultural and municipal technology equipment manufacturer, has replaced its Citrix infrastructure with Ericom’s PowerTerm® WebConnect RemoteView software. PowerTerm WebConnect RemoteView provides Amazone’s employees with secure and centrally managed access to applications running on Windows Terminal Servers (WTS), including their Sage Bäurer Industry ERP system.

With Ericom’s simpler, faster and cost-effective alternative to Citrix , Amazone rich and thin client users benefit from secure, on-demand access to applications and desktops running on Windows Terminal Servers and optionally, to virtual desktops (VDI). Ericom’s full-featured presentation virtualization and desktop virtualization solution reduces the cost and complexity of managing desktops and branch office computing, using one management environment for both Windows Terminal Services and VDI environments.

Amazone recently extended its global operations to Russia, Hungary and other locations across Europe. As its Citrix licenses were about to expire, the agricultural pioneer decided to replace its Citrix farm with a more cost-effective access solution that enhances business agility while lowering IT complexities and costs. After a thorough evaluation, Amazone chose Ericom’s PowerTerm WebConnect for its high quality, capabilities and cost-effectiveness, along with the extremely responsive technical and professional support services that Ericom provides.

“We were very pleased with the speed and ease in setting up Ericom’s PowerTerm WebConnect in a Terminal Services environment,” said Clemens Rittel, Head of IT at Amazone. “Maintaining the Windows-based TS environment with Ericom running on top is far less complex than maintaining a Citrix environment. For a global operation of our size, the learning curve involved in gaining the required specialized know-how on Citrix’s systems is longer than we can afford, while also maintaining applications. Ericom’s PowerTerm WebConnect RemoteView also provides us with cost-savings, while enhancing and streamlining the end-user experience.”

“By implementing Ericom’s Presentation Virtualization and Desktop Virtualization solution, organizations gain the financial and operational flexibility of choosing how to manage their resources and TCO,” said Ilan Paretsky, Ericom’s VP of Marketing. “As Amazone chooses to migrate their power users to virtual desktops, both Windows Terminal Services and VDI environments will be managed from a single console, making IT staff’s life that much easier.” Paretsky added, “Ericom’s PowerTerm WebConnect delivers the same key security, reliability, performance, and usability features that Citrix provides, at a price that organizations can afford for enterprise-wide deployments.”

“When Amazone sought an alternative to Citrix , I immediately recommended Ericom,” said Jens Tegelhuetter, CEO, CUS IT Projects Ltd & Co KG. “Ericom’s tech support team and Professional Services are extremely responsive and helpful, from initial contact, down through integration,” added Jens. “In the end, Ericom’s solution exceeded expectations, providing far more cost-effective and comparable functionality that was simpler to install and manage.” 

PowerTerm WebConnect RemoteView capabilities include:

  • Easy Setup and Configuration Using a Single Interface: Eliminates the need for IT administrators to service or manually upgrade individual devices, reducing technical support overhead
  • Intuitiveness and Ease of Use: Published applications seamlessly integrate with users’ thin client interfaces and are easily launched via the Application Zone, desktop icons or Application Portal (Web Interface)
  • Centralized TS Virtual Desktop Management: Centrally manage Terminal Server (TS) virtual desktops for individual users and pools of desktops that are dynamically allocated to users within groups
  • Optional Comprehensive Hypervisor Support: VMware, Microsoft, Oracle VM, XenServer, Sun xVM, Xen Community-based hypervisors, Virtual Iron and more
  • Centralized Application Management: Centrally manage Terminal Server application deployments, updates and maintenance
  • Enhanced Security: Two-factor authentication, RSA SecurID, SSL VPN support
  • Built-in Productivity Tools: Load Balancing, Remote Desktop Support, Remote Desktop Access, LDAP and Active Directory integration 

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