Teletouch Communications choose PowerTerm WebConnect as its e-Business solution
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Teletouch Chooses Ericom Software's e-Business solution

Hackensack, NJ June 8 2001...Teletouch Communications, in Tyler, TX has chosen Ericom's PowerTerm® WebConnect for their host access needs. Teletouch Communications operates the largest on-line accessory store, selling word message pagers, numeric pagers, voice pagers, 2-way radio pagers and long distance phone cards. To service their growing number of customers, Teletouch uses a wide network of resellers. The resellers must access critical information from "In-Touch", which is Teletouch's internal pager activation, billing and general accounting system. Resellers rely on this system to remotely activate a customer's pager, verify credit, set-up the customer's account and for billing.

"What I was looking for was a web-based solution that would allow our resellers to connect to our system quickly and easily. I didn't want them to have to learn any new programs, and I wanted the information they needed to look the same as it has always looked." stated Rick Fry, Manager of Information Systems.

Teletouch selected PowerTerm WebConnect from Ericom Software, because corporations can allow partners, employees and branch offices to run mission-critical applications via the web and from any Java-enabled desktop with full security. PowerTerm WebConnect uses SSL encryption algorithms from the industry standard - RSA Security, Inc. and it had a powerful System Manager Tool. PowerTerm WebConnect addressed the needs that Teletouch had for high-level security, cross-platform compatibility, and increased flexibility in host access.

"The administration tool included with PowerTerm WebConnect was exactly what I had in mind when I started my search" said Fry. "It was the only software I found that had all the power I needed on the administrative side". Now, for the first time, a System Administrator and user can work on the same exact session, looking at the same exact screen, using PC's from two different locations. The system manager tool is especially helpful for remote users, multiple office locations and the occasional user who might need assistance.

"PowerTerm WebConnect was one of only a few products on the market today that allowed us to use ActiveX instead of JAVA to connect to a server that is behind our firewall" stated Frey. "This allowed us to use Internet Explorer as a browser at our remote dealer locations and stay within the Windows environment. PowerTerm WebConnect, which was installed on our server, provided the gateway to the host computer. I didn't know if the software had the ability to meet the demands I had, but found out it did through the high end scripting that was available from Web Connect" stated Fry.

Now that PowerTerm WebConnect is part of their system, Teletouch will begin decreasing the number of modem lines coming into their system. This will help to cut costs and offer a higher level of service to their resellers.

e-Business Suite
PowerTerm® Host Publisher is part of Ericom Software's e-Business Suite of products, which includes PowerTerm® WebConnect, for Web and Wireless connection to a wide range of legacy systems.