Ericom Software PowerTerm® Host Publisher Simplifies Web and Wireless Enabling of Large Legacy Systems
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Ericom Software PowerTerm® Host Publisher Simplifies Web and Wireless Enabling of Large Legacy Systems

Hackensack, NJ - June 2000... Ericom® Software, Inc., a leading developer of enterprise connectivity solutions, announces the introduction of PowerTerm Host Publisher® a full-featured publisher. PowerTerm Host Publisher speeds and simplifies web and wireless enabling of legacy systems into B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) process transactions by extending the life of host data through the creation of e-business applications from existing host resources.

Ericom also provides professional services for enabling legacy applications into web based and wireless e-business solutions, for customers that lack the expertise or resources. These services also include the creation of XML business-to-business applications, and the consolidation and immigration of data residing on a wide variety of legacy systems and databases.

In today's business world many large organizations have acquired or merged with other companies. These organizations need to deal with many different sources of information that are located on various databases and host systems. PowerTerm Host Publisher can extract information from the widest range of computing environments and databases, and enables companies to use the latest technologies, such as the Web, wireless devices and XML. Unlike other solutions, an operational e-business application can be created in just days or weeks, instead of months, using PowerTerm Host Publisher.

PowerTerm Host Publisher allows companies to web enable their legacy applications when exposing business transactions on the Internet. By using PowerTerm Host Publisher, organizations can benefit from having a web presence while preserving the stability and reliability of the existing computing systems. In addition, PowerTerm Host Publisher provides host publishing not only for IBM Mainframes and AS/400 applications, but also for applications residing on UNIX, HP, Tandem, OpenVMS and other enterprise platforms. It also allows publishing on the Web, on smart phones and wireless devices, and enables B2B and B2C applications.

PowerTerm Host Publisher enables companies to start conducting Internet business using their existing stable and reliable legacy computer systems. Large legacy systems can now be enabled for WAP, XML and HTML for wireless B2B and B2C, and web applications using the quick automation process of PowerTerm Host Publisher.

With PowerTerm Host Publisher, organizations can quickly deploy customer service oriented applications such as Web-based call centers, inventory management, transaction processing, transportation scheduling, and other e-business related applications.

By using PowerTerm Host Publisher, organizations will generate new revenues by exploiting the latest technologies. This will enable their customers to conduct business with them in many more and newer efficient ways such as the Web, wireless devices and electronic B2B and B2C transactions. Organizations can save money by having the final solution in a fraction of the time, and use fewer resources than any other alternative.