Ericom's Host Publisher Software Speeds and Simplifies, Wireless Enabling of Mitsubishi and Ericsson Cell Phones For B2B and B2C Applications
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PowerTerm Host Publisher Speeds and Simplifies, Wireless Enabling of Mitsubishi and Ericsson Cell Phones

Hackensack, NJ May 2001...Ericom® Software, Inc. announces that PowerTerm® Host Publisher now provides full wireless enabling of Mitsubishi and Ericsson WAP enabled cell phones models T250 and R289LX respectively, for B2B and B2C applications using AT&T's Digital PocketNet® Service.

Wireless access to the widest range of computing environments and databases for wireless B2B and B2C applications, is now possible with the quick automation process provided by Ericom's Host Publisher and the latest WAP and WML standards.

With Host Publisher, organizations can benefit from having a wireless business presence while preserving the stability and reliability of their existing computing systems. Host Publisher provides wireless host publishing for IBM Mainframes and AS/400, UNIX, HP/3000, Tandem, OpenVMS, Data General, SCO, and LINUX platforms.

"Beyond consumers obtaining show times, sports flashes and flight information, business personnel now have the ability to readily access valuable company information, thereby increasing their efficiency," stated Eran Heyman, CEO of Ericom Software, Inc.

As examples, the next service location along with directions, can be wirelessly accessed by field service personnel. Sales personnel can access updates on current inventory, delivery schedules, and purchase orders from across the country, where PocketNet Service is available. Realtors, insurance agents, delivery drivers, and business personnel from all types of business can take advantage of wireless access to critical business information.