E-Business Suite with Transaction Processing Capability
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Ericom® Software Releases e-Business Suite with Transaction Processing Capability

Hackensack, NJ March 2001...Ericom® Software, Inc. a leading developer of enterprise connectivity solutions, announces the introduction of PowerTerm® Host Publisher 2.3 part of Ericom's E-Business Suite. PowerTerm Host Publisher 2.3 now offers full Transactions Processing Capability.

The new version of PowerTerm Host Publisher includes an Applications Wizard. The Applications Wizard simplifies the encapsulation of complex transactions into reusable objects so they can be used in Web and wireless environments. Now organizations can reuse existing transactions and procedures running on legacy systems. The Application Wizard allows for easy Web, wireless and system to system Enterprise Application Integration.

PowerTerm Host Publisher speeds and simplifies Web and Wireless enabling of legacy systems into B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) e-Business applications, by using and extending the life of existing host resources.

Web (B2C) - Online insurance quotes are simplified by using existing transactions and procedures such as a fill in the blanks quote form. Once the form is completed and transmitted, a quote is returned online. The quote for insurance is based on the inputs submitted on the quote form.

Wireless (B2C) - Using a financial institution's procedures and transactions, online transfer of funds to buy stocks can be made using a PDA or other wireless device. After the transfer of funds process is completed, stocks can be quoted and purchased. A completed transaction would include transmission of the stock symbol, price and number of shares purchased.

Web (B2B) - In a manufacturer to distributor application, a distributor can place a purchase order (PO) on the manufacturer's web site, which updates their legacy system with this request. Using the existing system, it will respond with price, availability, delivery and shipping information.

System to System (B2B) - An air cargo portal can shop for the best shipping rates and times for their clients, by using their internal system. The air cargo portal can automate the process of checking rates and times with hundreds of airlines at the same time by using existing airline transactions.

By using PowerTerm Host Publisher, organizations can benefit from having a Web and Wireless presence while preserving the stability and reliability of their existing computing systems. PowerTerm Host Publisher provides host publishing for IBM Mainframes and AS/400, UNIX, HP/3000, Tandem, OpenVMS, Data General, SCO, and LINUX platforms.

Large legacy systems can now be enabled for WAP, XML and HTML for Wireless and Web, B2B and B2C applications, using the quick automation process of PowerTerm Host Publisher.

e-Business Suite
PowerTerm® Host Publisher is part of Ericom Software's e-Business Suite of products, which includes PowerTerm® WebConnect, for Web and Wireless connection to a wide range of legacy systems.