Ericom® Software launches new version of PowerTerm® WebConnect
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Ericom® Software launches new version of PowerTerm® WebConnect — secure access to Windows®

Closter, NJ (February 2, 2005), – Ericom® Software, a leading provider of corporate connectivity and host access solutions, today announced the release of PowerTerm® WebConnect - version 5.1. PowerTerm WebConnect is the first commercially available product to enable secure and remote access to applications running in both Microsoft and Legacy host environments.

PowerTerm WebConnect Version 5.1 extends the functionality of legacy access, by adding connectivity to Windows applications running on Windows Terminal Server 2000 / 2003. The PowerTerm emulation engine also provides secure access to applications running on host systems including: IBM Mainframe, IBM AS/400, Unix, Linux, OpenVMS, Tandem, SCO, HP-3000 and more. Version 5.1 also includes a range of other features designed to improve the management and access of mission critical enterprise applications.

Eran Heyman, Founder and CEO of Ericom Software commented: "Organizations need to provide their workforce with access to a range of software applications. Typically, those applications run in a complex technical environment; some combination of client-server computing, legacy hosts, IBM AS400/iSeries, Unix, Mainframe and others. Until now, IT Managers had to implement various connectivity solutions to meet on-demand access to enterprise applications. No single company could satisfy this real-world need.

"PowerTerm WebConnect 5.1 is a cutting edge product in this industry, as it eliminates the complexities associated to environments requiring both enterprise legacy and Windows connectivity . With PowerTerm WebConnect 5.1, Ericom becomes the only company in the world to offer a fully-featured solution that spans across both Terminal Server and legacy host environments."

PowerTerm WebConnect Version 5.1 enhances Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) technology by providing access to Windows applications with application publishing support. PowerTerm WebConnect also includes additional enhancements in security, centralized administration, and remote printing capabilities from the host. The new version of PowerTerm WebConnect also operates under a highly flexible licensing structure, keeping costs far below the cost of comparable remote desktop products.

New features in PowerTerm WebConnect version 5.1

  • RemoteView: Seamless Remote Access using RDP: The new Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) feature in PowerTerm WebConnect v5.1 provides seamless remote access to Windows® enterprise applications. With seamless access, remote applications (hosted on the server) are seamlessly and fully integrated into the local desktop, giving the user a consistent "look and feel" across local and remote applications. This eliminates awkward user interaction associated with non-seamless Windows applications. Seamless applications require far lower network bandwidth compared with the "desktop access" model offered by regular RDP clients.
  • Enhanced Centralized Administration and Support: SupportView offers remote desktop support for quick troubleshooting and help desk support. With SupportView, users can ask for technical support and the system administrator can address the issue remotely, regardless of the user’s physical location.
  • The centralized management tool enables centralized administration, installation and deployment of both legacy host applications and Windows applications. Clients are deployed, updated and activated via the web browser, eliminating the need for costly client-based installations and technical support. Additionally, the PowerTerm WebConnect server and administration tool provide centralized control and configuration.
  • Increased Security
    PowerTerm WebConnect provides elaborate security measures such as SSH, SSL, SSL Gateway, LDAP, and lockout of excessive failed retries – ensuring that all PowerTerm WebConnect sessions are safe.
  • Licensing and Pricing
    PowerTerm WebConnect Version 5.1 offers a flexible licensing structure, with per seat and concurrent licensing options available. The per-concurrent user option enables customers to purchase a "pool" of licenses that is shared among many users, significantly reducing costs.