PowerTerm WebConnect 3.1 Supports Netscape 6.0 with Encryption on UNIX and LINUX Workstations
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Ericom's PowerTerm® WebConnect 3.1 Supports Netscape 6.0 with Encryption on UNIX and LINUX Workstations

Hackensack, NJ February 2001...Ericom® Software, Inc., announces the release of PowerTerm® WebConnect 3.1. PowerTerm WebConnect 3.1 offers all of the features of version 3.0 but now supports Netscape 6.0 running on UNIX and LINUX workstations. Finally, a Java based host access solution that works "encrypted" on UNIX and LINUX workstations, is now available from Ericom Software.

Within the Thin Client Java environment, PowerTerm WebConnect 3.1 includes Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security and a powerful System Manager tool. With PowerTerm WebConnect, corporations can allow partners, employees and branch offices to run mission-critical applications via the web and from any Java-enabled UNIX and LINUX workstation with full security. PowerTerm WebConnect 3.1 uses SSL encryption algorithms from the industry standard - RSA Security, Inc.

PowerTerm WebConnect 3.1 supports Netscape 6.0 and earlier versions of Netscape running on UNIX and LINUX workstations.

Highest Level of Security for Browser Based Sessions
The unique Web-to-Host solution supports built-in security. Secure sessions using Internet standard SSL provides data encryption, server authentication, message integrity and optional client authentication for a TCP/IP connection. Thus allowing users to work in a safe and protected environment. PowerTerm WebConnect 3.1 also supports secured connection between the client and the server even in cases where the host does not support SSL.

Centralized Management
PowerTerm WebConnect is an ideal solution, offering MIS and system managers single-point installation. PowerTerm WebConnect is easily installed in minutes onto the server and configured for all users. PowerTerm WebConnect eliminates time consuming installation of the terminal emulation program on each individual client. The system manager configures, deploys and monitors PowerTerm WebConnect on the server, reducing installation time and overhead. The product's client-server architecture provides unlimited scalability for any size business.

The System Manager tool is especially helpful for remote users, multiple office locations and the occasional user who might need assistance. This feature can be extremely valuable for companies that need to train new employees, assist employees on a new legacy application or for general on-going, day-to-day support. In addition, a System Administrator can now monitor the entire system remotely, checking on which sessions are open, how many and who has current access to what application.

E-Business Suite
PowerTerm WebConnect is part of Ericom Software's e-Business Suite of products, which includes PowerTerm Host Publisher, for Web and Wireless enabling of legacy systems.