PowerTerm® Java 2.0 SSL Secured Web-to-Host Connectivity Software
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PowerTerm® Java 2.0 SSL Secured Web-to-Host Connectivity Software

PowerTerm® Java 2.0 SSL Secured Web-to-Host Connectivity Software Features Powerful "System Manager" Tool


  • Single-point installation
  • Unlimited Scalability
  • Click/Drag/Drop feature
  • Automatic font resizing
  • Powerful Centralized Management
  • Java applet less than 175k
  • Simple keyboard mapping
  • Copy and paste block/lines/word

Hackensack, NJ January 2000 -- Ericom® Software, Inc. a leading developer of enterprise connectivity software solutions, announces the release of PowerTerm® Java 2.0, now with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security and a powerful System Manager tool. With PowerTerm Java 2.0, corporations can allow partners, employees and branch offices to run mission-critical applications via the web and from any Java-enabled desktop with full security. PowerTerm Java uses SSL encryption algorithms from the industry standard RSA Security, Inc.

PowerTerm Java's client server architecture works with such hosts as IBM AS/400, IBM Mainframe, UNIX, HP and Digital, providing expanded and reliable access to the enterprise network from any Java-based system.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) - Tiny Applet
PowerTerm Java 2.0 with SSL continues to expand Ericom's position in the web-to-host connectivity market, addressing the need for high-level security, cross-platform compatibility, and increased flexibility in host access. PowerTerm Java runs on Windows NT, Windows 98 and Windows 95 platforms as well as on the Mac, UNIX terminals and network computers. The Java applet is less than 175k making it quicker and more efficient to download and use.

System Manager Tool
PowerTerm Java's Systems Manager tool provides remote assistance for users directly from a System Administrator. Now, for the "first time", a System Administrator and user can work on the same exact session, looking at the same exact screen, using PCs from two different locations. From a remote location, this allows a System Administrator to see exactly what the user is doing. In addition, the System Administrator can make changes on the same screen to instruct the user. This permits the System Administrator to provide immediate assistance to users on a "live", one-on-one basis.

The System Manager tool is especially helpful for remote users, multiple office locations and the occasional user who might need assistance. This feature can be extremely valuable for companies that need to train new employees, assist employees on a new legacy application or for general on-going, day-to-day support. In addition, a System Administrator can now monitor the entire system remotely, checking on which sessions are open, how many and who has current access to what application.

Ericom CEO and Founder Eran Heyman said, "Today's MIS manager faces an unprecedented challenge in providing expanded access to legacy systems together with concern for security. PowerTerm Java incorporates the latest industry encryption algorithms and emerging technologies to meet these needs while enabling end-users to increase performance and productivity and enhance a corporation's return on investment."

PowerTerm Java's value-added features include powerful centralized management and single-point installation. With PowerTerm Java, MIS and System Administrators benefit from the ability to reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO), saving both time and money typically associated with establishing enterprise-wide connectivity. The System Administrator is able to centrally customize the list of hosts and color settings for each individual user. The product's client-server architecture provides unlimited scalability for any size business.

Additional features of PowerTerm Java 2.0 include automatic font resizing, copy and paste block/lines/word, multiple concurrent sessions, 80-132-column support and more.