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Ericom® PowerTerm® WebConnect Load Balancer

Ericom's Load Balancer, included in PowerTerm WebConnect RemoteView, is designed to distribute user requests evenly in a Windows Terminal Server farm to avoid resource bottlenecks. Highly scalable, it can handle up to dozens and even hundreds of Terminal Servers. In addition, the Load Balancer offers custom balancing functionality that optimizes resource utilization - Memory, CPU, Sessions, and logon throttling.

Load Balancer is comprised of three components, as shown in the diagram below:

  • Load Balancer Server gathers real-time information from the Terminal servers and routes incoming users requests to the least loaded server.
  • Load Balancer Agent provides the Load Balancer with resource usage information of the server it is running on.
  • Load Balancer Administration Console manages settings associated with the Load Balancer. All settings are stored in a XML formatted configuration file (LoadBalancer.xml).

Terminal Server Load Balancing with Ericom Load Balancer

Ericom's Load Balancing Process Overview

PowerTerm WebConnect Load Balancing Step Chart for Terminal Server Farms / Clusters

Load Balancer Server

The Load Balancer server runs as a Windows service. By default, Load Balancer server listens over TCP port 4010. This can be modified using the command line or XML and cannot be changed via the Load Balancer Administration Tool.

The Load Balancer Agent is regularly collecting information about the server it is loaded on and reports the gathered data to the Load Balancer server at a pre-determined interval. If no information is received from a Terminal server within a five minute interval, the Terminal Server is classified unavailable in the Load Balancer.

Load Balancer Agent

Load Balancer Agent (PtLoadBalancerAgent.exe) is installed along with the PowerTerm WebConnect Terminal Server Agent. Load Balancer Agent runs as a Windows service and must be installed on every Terminal Server that will be part of the Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect farm.

Load Balancer Agent sends resource information to the Load Balancer Server at least once every 5 minutes, or when there is a 5% or greater change in any of the Load Balancing Criteria. All related activity is tracked in the log file (PtLoadBalancerAgent.log). The ten most recent logs are saved (named as PtLoadBalancerAgent.bck-XX.log).

Load Balancer listens over TCP port 4020, but the port can be changed either via the command line or via the registry.

Load Balancer Administration Tool

Load Balancer Administration Console (PtLoadBalancerAdmin.exe) is used to view and set all of the Load Balancer's parameters and attributes. The console is an MMC snap-in module.

Using the Load Balancer Administration Tool, the administrator determines the how the balancing criteria is applied across the Terminal Server farm. The Load Balancer Admin Console may be launched from the Start | Programs | Ericom Software | PowerTerm WebConnect | Load Balancer folder or by click its icon from the Administration Tool.