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Ericom's best-in-class PowerTerm Series terminal emulator products are an ideal alternative to terminal emulation packages such as Micro Focus Rumba, Reflection, and Extra (formerly Attachmate). Increasing enterprise-wide productivity, Ericom's terminal emulators enable organizations around the world to standardize on a single host access solution that supports the latest client operating systems - including Windows 10 / 11 / 2012 / 2012 R2 / 2016 / 2019, as well as Mac / Linux.

Since 1993, Ericom's terminal emulators have provided thousands of organizations with reliable, secure and easy access to accounting, inventory, management, and other mission critical applications. Join the many businesses and organizations who have already made the switch! Contact us today to find out how PowerTerm can help your organization realize dramatic cost savings.

Terminals Emulated

Replacement for Micro Focus Terminal Emulation
IBM: (zSeries) TN3270, TN3270E, 3151 and (iSeries) TN5250
Digital: VT52, VT100, VT220, VT320, VT420, VT510, VT520, VT525
Wyse/TVI: Wyse (50/50+/60), Televideo TVI 910+/920/925/950/955, ADDS VP A2, HZ1500
Others: Data General D-412, Siemens 97801, HP 700, Nonstop/Tandem 6530
Replacement for Micro Focus Terminal Emulation
Setting up the Colors Property for IBM AS400 emulation

Terminal Emulator Solutions

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Value-added Benefits and Features

  • Simple, fast and effective means of running legacy applications, thanks to an extremely small footprint and seamless connectivity
  • Maximizes user efficiency and productivity with an intuitive user interface and faster key response than any competing solution
  • Allows you to consolidate multiple emulators with one license
  • Multiple deployment options fit your existing processes or future direction
  • Enables you to automate routine host activity using VBScript or Jscript
  • Ensures secure data access, using SSL / SSH and SFTP secure protocols, as well as TLS 1.2 encryption and Single Sign-on support
  • Facilitates compliance with key industry and regulatory standards, including GLBA, PCI, FIPS, HIPAA, FISMA, SOX and JSOX
  • Cost-effective replacement for solutions from Attachmate, IBM, Micro Focus and others

Since we started using Ericom's product, we haven't had the need to look at others. Within the Datatel community we refer them continually. Just go to Ericom.

Kevin Duarte,
Associate Director of Special Projects and Integration,
Roger Williams University

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Hosts Supported

IBM Mainframe (zSeries), IBM AS/400 (iSeries), Unix, Linux, OpenVMS, Data General, SCO, Tandem (NSK), and HP-3000 and more