Latest Release of Ericom’s Remote Browser Isolation Solution Adds Intelligent Defense Against Phishing Attacks

Ericom Shield® Safeguards Organizations from Sophisticated Scams that Socially Engineer Human Error, including Business Email Compromise (BEC)

San Francisco, CA (March 4, 2019) – Ericom Software, a global leader in securing and connecting the digital workspace, today announced that its remote browser isolation solution, Ericom Shield, now provides intelligent protection from phishing, today’s most pressing cyber threat. The latest version of Ericom Shield uses sophisticated algorithms, URL filtering capabilities and smart business logic to eradicate phishing, BECs, and other social engineering attacks before they can impact the user and the organization.

Ericom Shield phishing protection delivers a safe browsing experience that protects users from credential theft as well as malware attacks. It empowers security administrators to pre-select responses to suspected phishing attack based on the threat probability level of the attack and organizational policies. For instance, a warning requiring user acknowledgement may be issued before a user can continue to the suspected phishing site. Alternatively, users may be allowed to proceed to the website using ‘Read-Only’ mode, preventing them from entering information on the website via their keyboard or the browser’s copy-paste function. It thus saves organizations from the errors of users who might otherwise be tricked into providing personal information. As a third alternative, the system may block access to a suspicious site altogether.

“Phishing attacks are fast becoming an industry plague. The sheer volume of both manually launched attacks and automated attacks launched via bots is growing exponentially” said Daniel Miller, Senior Director of Product Marketing. “With an average lifespan of only six hours, phishing websites are nearly impossible to detect and map, which is why even robust popular browsers like Firefox, Chrome and IE/Edge simply cannot provide sufficient protection.” Miller added: “Ericom Shield’s ability to neutralize this threat while empowering users to continue browsing the Internet as needed is an important step in further securing the digital workspace.”

Ericom is continuing to broaden the capabilities of Ericom Shield by enabling safe browsing both as a product and as a cloud service. With the growing demand for mixed delivery models, Ericom is expanding its partnerships and industry ecosystem to extend remote browser isolation technology to the masses.

Ericom will be showcasing Ericom Shield at the RSA Conference 2019 in San Francisco on March 4-8. RSA attendees can visit Ericom Software at Booth #6574 in the North Expo.

About Ericom Software

As a global leader in securing and connecting the digital workspace, Ericom offers solutions that secure browsing, and optimize safe desktop and application delivery to any device, anywhere. Ericom enterprise-grade remote browser isolation, secure remote access, and cloud enablement solutions provide a superior work experience and optimize enterprise productivity at tens of thousands of organizations of all sizes, with over ten million users. Founded in 1993, Ericom has offices in the US, UK, and EMEA, and distributors and partners throughout North America, Europe, APAC and Africa.

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