Multi-Host Environments from Ericom

Multi–Host Environments

Prepare for today and for tomorrow.

Ericom Software's PowerTerm products offer complete solutions that pave the way for easy migration paths, giving organizations the opportunity to capitalize on the strengths of their existing legacy data without burdening users with new applications or functionality.

PowerTerm solutions connect to the following host machines:

PowerTerm has over thirty emulation types enabling corporations to standardize on one vendor, eliminating the costs and hassle of dealing with multiple vendors.

If your business needs more emulations for its mission critical applications or needs existing users to expand their role, there is no learning curve as the transition will be transparent for existing users

Current Emulations include:

  • IBM 3270
  • IBM 3151
  • AT386
  • Wyse 370
  • Data General
  • Tandem 6530
  • HZ 1500
  • IBM 525
  • ANSI
  • Linux Console
  • Wyse 50+/50/60
  • HP 700/92
  • Siemens
  • VT 52 � 525
  • SCO
  • AIXterm
  • Televideo
  • HP 700/96
  • ADDS/VP A2