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Change Log — Ericom Blaze

Release notes for Version 10.0      May 2022

  • Access server generates self-signed certificate with Subject Alternative Name
  • Stability changes
  • Printing stability fixes
  • Slight UI appearance changes in Blaze client
  • Security enhancements in Access Server, Access Now, and Blaze
  • This is the last planned version with support for 32bit Windows operating systems
  • New tested operating systems: Win 11, Win Server 2022, Win 10 Enterprise LTSC 2021, Win 10 21H2, Win 10 22H2

Release notes for January 9.5      February 2021

  • FIPS compliance

Release notes for January 9.1      January 2019

  • Maintenance version – bug fixes and internal optimization (28123, 28820, 27271)

Release notes for November 9.0      November 2018

  • Windows 2019 support
  • Windows 10 SAC 1809 support
  • Blaze (Windows) client remembers last known window position
  • Version alignment to 9.0
  • ESG: TLS 1.0 disabled by default, can be enabled in the configuration if needed.

Release notes for Version 8.5      September 2018

  • Blaze client for Linux 8.5 supports Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04
  • Blaze client for Linux 8.5 now supports audio redirection
  • Blaze client and Access Server for Windows supports Windows 10 SAC 1803
  • Blaze client for Windows supports Microsoft seamless applications
  • Blaze client will be forward compatible with future AccessServer versions
  • Stability improvements to Access Server
  • ESG Admin consoles: jQuery components updated to latest version

Release notes for Version 8.4      March 2018

  • Compatible with Windows semi-annual channel versions
  • Fixed issue where Blaze client 32-bit returned error: Application was not created in the main() thread
  • Fixed issue where mouse clicks sometimes misplaced in seamless application mode
  • Clarified documentation on specifying universal printer configuration
  • Universal printer – initial print job as fast as subsequent print jobs (25078)
  • On Windows 10 and 2016 systems, the log now shows the correct OS version (25128)
  • Improved AccessServer memory management for better stability (23810)
  • Improved AccessServer logging under high load (25339)
  • TB license usage in log fix (22357)

Release notes for Version 8.2      October 2017

  • Compatible with web proxy
  • Proxy mode configuration via command line
  • Improved AccessServer stability

Release notes for Version 8.1      July 2017

  • New client keep-alive heartbeat
  • AccessServer includes stabilization fixes (CA0000034750)
  • Resolves support issues: CA0000035994

Release notes for Version 7.6.1      February 2017

  • Windows 2016 compatible
  • New Linux x64 version for Ubuntu
  • Add "True Lossless" mode
  • Full screen connection bar height increased by three pixels
  • Resolved CA issues: CA0000010088, CA0000001106, CA0000029266, CA0000029267, CA0000027817

Ericom Secure Gateway 7.6.1 updates:

  • End-user client IP address and address range security whitelist
  • Target server IP address and address range security whitelist
  • Relay (AccessServer) server IP address and address range security whitelist
  • Disable HTTP/HTTPS usage to force Websocket mode
  • Enhanced protection against CSRF and same-origin verification

Release notes for Version 7.6      November 2016

  • Mac Blaze x64 client
  • Mac Blaze now supports NLA in accelerated modet
  • Version alignment for Windows client
  • Windows client copy/paste function between local and remote session is improved over 7.5

Release notes for Version 7.5.1      March 2016

Version alignment, no major changes

Release notes for Version 7.3     November 2015

  • Windows Blaze x64 client
  • Added Smartcard redirection
  • Added Serial port redirection
  • NLA support in accelerated mode

Release notes for Version 7.2     August 2015

  • Blaze client is Windows 10 compatible
  • AccessServer is Windows 10 compatible
  • Ericom Secure Gateway updated to 7.2 for alignment

Release notes for Version 7.1     June 2015

Version alignment, no major changes

Release notes for Version 7.0     March 2015

Version alignment, no major changes

Release notes for Version 3.4      July 2014

NOTE: This version is NOT backwards compatible with Blaze version 2.x and AccessToGo version 2.x.
  • Smoother PDF scrolling
    Improved scrolling of complex PDF documents in remote sessions
  • Higher Frames Per Second on videos
    50% improvement in frames per second on HD videos and animations

Release notes for Version 3.3.1      June 2014

NOTE: This version is NOT backwards compatible with Blaze version 2.x and AccessToGo version 2.x.

Critical security fix (see details at

Release notes for Version 3.3      May 2014

NOTE: This version is NOT backwards compatible with Blaze version 2.x and AccessToGo version 2.x.
  • SSL Improvements
    Removed all references to OpenSSL and made general SSL fixes
  • Backwards Compatability
    Blaze 3.3 clients can work with 2.x servers in RDP mode
  • Microsoft RemoteApp Support
    Support for Microsoft RemoteApp Seamless technology
  • Printing Options
    Ability to redirect only default printer

Release notes for Version 3.2      February 2014

NOTE: This version is NOT backwards compatible with Blaze version 2.x and AccessToGo version 2.x.
  • Session resize
    AccessNow session will automatically resize to fit the browser window after a windows resize or orientation change.
  • Major performance enhancements
    Major performance enhancements over previous versions including improved video and audio support.
  • Access Server
    The Blaze Server is now called Access Server. It is a unified server serving AccessNow and Blaze clients.
  • 64 Bit & 32 Bit versions
    Access Server is available in 64 Bit & 32 Bit versions to make best use of system resources.
  • Certificate Validation
    Blaze can now validate and enforce server side certificates.
  • Windows SSL
    Access Server now uses standard Windows SSL for improved stability and performance.

Release notes for Version 2.5.0      Feb 2013

Blaze Server:

  • Licensing improvements
  • Support for printing on Windows 2012 and on Win 8 using HP Universal Printer driver
  • New version of InstallShield for Blaze Server installation
  • Fix for installation per machine

All client editions:

  • New display languages
  • Splash size reduced
  • XTea password support
  • MS RDP shortcut key combinations

Windows client:

  • Performance enhancement
  • Improved universal printing

Mac edition:

  • Official Mac client
  • Double-click on Blaze configuration file will launch a Blaze session using that configuration
  • New Blaze menu bar with several options, e.g. open new session
  • Support for both Mac and Windows keyboards
  • Reverse mouse wheel scrolling

Linux edition:

  • Multi-monitor support

Release notes for Version 2.3.0      August 2012

  1. Improved performance
  2. Built in universal printing
  3. Inactive license released after 14 days, instead of after 30 days

Release Notes for Version 2.2.0

Windows edition:

  1. New Blaze server UI
  2. Ericom Secure Gateway support
  3. Support for new license type: Named User
  4. Support for Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
  5. Support for multiple licensing servers, in failover configuration

Release Notes for Version 1.4.8

  1. Maintenance release

Release Notes for Version 1.4.7

  1. Maintenance release

Release Notes for Version 1.4.6

  1. Support for Windows Server 2008 R2

Release Notes for Version 1.4.4

Windows edition:

  1. Blaze Server Configuration - Advanced tab for administrator's use
  2. Added experimental VMware View support
  3. Added Net2Printer for 32-bit client OS support

Linux edition:

  1. Drive mapping
  2. Printer redirection

Mac edition (Beta):

  1. drive mapping
  2. printer redirection

Windows CE edition (Beta):

* Please contact Ericom sales

Release Notes for Version 1.4

windows edition:
  1. Blaze Server configuration module.
  2. Licensing using the configuration module.
  3. Server redirect - Blaze can redirect the client to other RDP host.
  4. Automatic Reconnect.
  5. Disk drive redirection, including "My Documents" folder, "Desktop", and removable drives.
  6. Support for per-device licensing on 2003 and 2008 Terminal Servers.

Release Notes for Version 1.3

windows edition:
  1. BSupport for RDS Connection Broker, TS Session Broker and TS Session Directory (RDP session redirection).
  2. BMulti-monitor support - when connecting to a Windows 7 or 2008 R2 host,
  3. Btrue multi-monitor support is available (similar to Microsoft RDP 7 client).
  4. BMulti-monitor span support - when connecting to a XP, Vista or Windows 2003 / 2008 host,
  5. Bmulti-monitor support functions like the Microsoft RDP client /span option.
  6. BMaximized application windows will automatically snap to an appropriate monitor.
  7. BEnhanced keyboard and mouse responsiveness over high latency.
  8. BBlaze Client saves configuration files with .blaze extension.
  9. BDouble-clicking configuration files automatically launches them using the Blaze Client.
  10. B.rdp extension support is also available.
  11. Added Blaze to App Path.
  12. BSSL Security Support.


Ericom Blaze Server:

Windows operating system; Windows 2003 and 2003 R2 � 32 bit and x64
Windows 2008 � 32 bit and x64
Windows 2008 R2, Windows XP (sp2 and up), Vista and Windows 7 � 32 bit and x64.
Windows 2008 R2 SP1
* Incoming RDP connections enabled on the OS.
* 20 MB of free Hard-Disk space.
* MMX and SSE2 capable CPU.
* Firewalls are configured to allow traffic over the Blaze port.

Ericom Blaze Client:

* Windows operating system; Windows 2003 and 2003 R2 � 32 bit and x64
Windows 2008 � 32 bit and x64, Windows 2008 R2
Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 � 32 bit and x64
Windows XPe.
Windows 7 embedded
* Linux.
Linux Thin Clients.
* Mac OSX - 10.6 or higher * For Windows CE, please contact Ericom sales.


* Ericom Blaze version 2.3 is not fully backward compatible with earlier versions. If you are using an earlier version of Blaze, please upgrade all Blaze client and server components to the same version.