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The Fastest Way to Webify & Monetize your Legacy Windows Applications

Are you a software developer (ISV) or cloud host provider who wants to instantly webify your legacy Windows and client / server applications?

Ericom AccessNow is a clientless HTML5 remote desktop client that rapidly transforms Windows applications into Web-based & cloud-hosted services for resale or hosting. No plug-ins necessary! By combining Ericom solutions with their own applications for resale or hosting, ISVs can instantly enhance usage and delivery of their application and enjoy new revenue streams, while AccessNow allows cloud-hosting companies to grow their business and portfolio.

6 reasons to Webify applications with Ericom

  • Shorter deployment time - Reduce the complexity and lead time for delivering your application. Turn your Windows application into a full web-based / SaaS offering without having to redevelop and port it to the Web
  • Vendor-agnostic, clientless and supports diverse operating systems. Meet customer's demands to deliver your application to a wider range of devices, including PCs, laptops, Macs, Chromebooks, iPad / iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and locked down workstations.
  • Empower end-users with on-demand, web access to your application / service with a few clicks of a mouse
  • Complete control - Optimizes the IT infrastructure for an application's web based and SaaS-specific requirements
  • Supports any license structure - designed to meet the needs of ISVs and cloud host providers worldwide: perpetual, annual, with / without maintenace, and more
  • Allows ISVs to focus on smaller upgrades vs. monster patch rollouts

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