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Host Solutions – SCO/Unix

SCO/Unix, the backbone of many legacy systems, continues to be a strong presence in the host access field. Its mature and proven operating system supports your most critical line of business applications, including the newest industry standard platforms and peripherals, with SCO/Unix's trademark high performance, scalability and reliability features.
SCO/Unix hosts achieve their potential with Ericom Software's PowerTerm products, which offer SCO/Unix users range of options.

Are your users "power-users" or "head-down users" who know exactly where their next keystroke will take them?
Take advantage of PowerTerm InterConnect's extensive feature set and small installation package, giving users everything they need while saving valuable space.
Do your users need a PowerGUI and the ability to customize their screens?
PowerTerm Pro answers that demand.

Do you want streamlined terminal emulation for your SCO/Unix system?
PowerTerm Lite, designed exclusivley for SCO/Unix, meets that need as does PowerTerm Plus with SSH and SFTP.

Is automation of tasks and macro writing at the top of your list?
Use PowerTerm Pro Enterprise to write and run powerful VBA scripts for functions like combining an Excel spreadsheet with a green screen table.

Do you work from home or on the road?
PowerTerm WebConnect offers secure browser-based connectivity, independent of physical location.

Whether you are looking for a terminal emulation or Web-to host solution, we have a PowerTerm product that will meet your HP needs.

If you are in a diversified environment and need terminal emulation for additional platforms, explore our solutions for any of the following hosts:

PowerTerm Series Products Include:
PowerTerm Lite
Terminal Emulation Exclusively for SCO/Unix
PowerTerm Plus
Secure Terminal Emulation for with SFTP and SSH
PowerTerm InterConnect Windows Edition
Secure Terminal Emulation for Windows with SSL, SSH, SSH Tickets & Kerberos
PowerTerm InterConnect Linux Edition
Secure Terminal Emulation for Linux with SSL, SSH
PowerTerm InterConnect Mac OS X Edition
Secure Terminal Emulation for Mac OS X with SSL, SSH
PowerTerm Pro Series
Terminal Emulation for Windows with Power GUI & VBA
PowerTerm WBT
Terminal Emulation for Windows Based Terminals
PowerTerm WTC
Terminal Emulation for Windows Thin Clients
PowerTerm LTC
Terminal Emulation for Linux Thin Clients
PowerTerm WebConnect
Secure Web-to-host Terminal Emulation