Slave printing-WC
 Printing FAQs 
How do I configure "slave printing"?

"Slave Printing" means an automatic routing of an input data stream, such as a report, to the PC`s printer port. To enable slave printing, run the Terminal -> Setup ->Printer menu, and choose FILE. Since this type of printing is done directly to the printer port, you must specify as the filename which port the printer is on, such as `lpt1`. Then, select `none` as the Print Screen Data conversion. (This form of printing is text only. We do not support slave printing to Postscript printers at this time)

To use this funcionality it is necessary to precede the data stream with an escape sequence, and to terminate the data stream with an escape sequence.

  • For VT and SCO emulations:
    • enable: <escape>[5i
    • disable: <escape>[4i
  • For Wyse 50/60
    • enable: <CTRL>R
    • disable: <CTRL>T