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How do I configure IBM printer sessions?
  • To emulate an IBM printer in PowerTerm choose 3270/5250 printer.
  • Connect using a printer name (LU or DEVICE name). When an application on the IBM needs to print it sends a print job to a printer by its name. If a 3270/5250 printer session is active (or there is a printer hardware) with this name, the data is sent to it and the printer session prints to the attached printer (local or remote - lpt1).

PowerTerm now supports the newest IBM standard for Device ID naming & Printing for TN5250. In order to do this, you must have PowerTerm v5.2.2 or greater, and be running the appropriate patches or AS/400 operating system, in order for this to function properly. You can find a list of patches or OS level needed at Device ID Naming & Printing. Click here for further details on Advanced Printing and Host Print Transform.

However, you can still use APPC, which must be running on both the PC and AS400. An example of APPC on the PC is Client Access.   Another method is to have LPD running on your PC.  Because LPD is a separate application and is not a part of PowerTerm, please consult your LPD documentation to set this up.

A very frequent problem report we get from customers is that a file named "E32APPC.dll" is missing. This means that the PC doesn`t have APPC, as explained above.

  1. Choose 5250 printer.
  2. Open the Connect dialog box and choose APPC.
  3. Enter the system name & device name.
  4. Press Connect.
  5. It should be connected to the AS/400 now as a system printer.
  6. The user should send printouts (print jobs) to the printer session by its device name specified in item (3) above.