Ericom vs. Citrix

Citrix vs. Ericom Connect ®

Key Benefits and Differentiators

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  Ericom Citrix
Deployment and Setup
Complete product installation and configuration in hours or less  Lengthy & complex installation and configuration process
No need for dedicated training and costly certification  Requires certification to deploy and operate the platform
Enterprise-wide access solution
Ericom Connect is a single product for managing enterprise-wide access in Windows Terminal Server / RemoteDesktop Services, physical desktop, and virtual desktop environments   Citrix XenApp requires multiple products (XenApp, XenDesktop, NetScaler) to provide enterprise-wide access in Windows Terminal Server / Remote Desktop Services, physical desktop, and virtual desktop environments
Application Publishing
Publish apps from a web-based console using any web browser - no install or plug-in required  Applications need to be installed in the exact same path on each server
Applications may be installed in different path locations on each server   Requires Microsoft Management Console (MMC) on Windows
Ease of use
Single, intuitive web-based administration console controls all features / functions and configurations  Multiple interfaces (both Microsoft Management Console and web-based) are required for managing the Citrix environment. Admin needs to know where to go in order to configure different features.
Ericom Connect supports 100,000 users per management server  Citrix only support 5000-10000 users per management server
Ericom Connect's grid technology provides flexibility, redundancy and easy addition of new servers as needed   The process of adding new servers to the deployment is complex
Ericom Blaze technology is included as part of the Connect product and optimizes RDP-based sessions effectively  Citrix ICA/HDX protocol is a proprietary Citrix technology
Reporting and Analytics
Ericom Connect provides wealth of reports and insights across multiple datacenters and tenants, via a built-in BI and analytics capabilities that are an integral part of the admin web console  Citrix mainly provides a dashboard of alerts, errors and overall system health peer site. It is not a business insight tool
Ericom Connect centrally manages data security and adheres to common regulatory and compliance policies (e.g., SOX, HIPAA, PCI DSS)  Many aspects of Citrix security are driven by NetScaler, which is a separate product that significantly increases the cost of the overall solution
Ericom Connect provides monitoring and reporting of system and end-user usage, all from within a single management interface. 
Ericom Connect streamlines the process of handling geographical multi-site configurations With Citrix, multi-site configuration is very complex
Clientless access from HTML5 browsers
Ericom's HTML5 remote access client is the most mature solution in the marketplace  Citrix HTML5 is usually suggested as a fallback method to their native clients
A rich set of features ensures a superb user experience for users of both mobile devices and workstations, such as mobile optimized windows, gesture-based touch screen capabilities, auto-sensing keyboard and an overall consistent experience on any device  Citrix Receiver does not include rich mobility tools, therefore users are generally directed to the native client
Ericom Connect comes in a variety of attractive pricing models with a flexible cost structure, including named user, concurrent user, site license and more  Citrix baseline prices are usually higher and offer only a concurrent user-licensing model

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