Benefits and Features of Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect for Microsoft Hyper-V
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Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect for Hyper–V – Benefits and Features

Together, Ericom and Microsoft enable organizations to leverage the benefits of desktop virtualization to improve productivity, reduce desktop management costs, enhance overall IT operational flexibility, and meet space and power-saving goals.

Benefits of PowerTerm WebConnect for Hyper-V

  • Anytime, Anywhere Access - Users can access virtual desktops hosted on virtual machines running at a data center, from local PCs or thin clients, and remotely from any PC or thin client.
  • Central management features solve the challenge of unmanaged PCs.
  • Improves Security - Virtual Desktop users have complete privacy with their own virtual hard drive, files and applications.
  • Empowers organizations with the infrastructure for business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • Increases the efficiency and productivity of remote users (mobile employees, business partners, telecommuters, etc.).
  • For thin client computing environments, Ericom's desktop virtualization solution lowers total cost of ownership, improves manageability and security, and increases flexibility of the enterprise desktop infrastructure.
  • Reduces the cost and complexity of virtual desktop deployment and maintenance by hosting and administering virtual desktops from a centralized location
  • Supports Microsoft Vista desktops in addition to current Windows desktops and thin client platforms

Features of PowerTerm WebConnect for Hyper-V

  • Group Desktop Pooling & Individual Desktop Access. PowerTerm WebConnect optimizes usage of virtual desktops with group desktop pooling and individual virtual desktop access. Groups having identical application requirements can be configured to access desktops from an allocated desktop set. PowerTerm WebConnect also allocates desktops to individual usersówhere users own a specified virtual machine
  • Integrated Authentication. PowerTerm WebConnect seamlessly integrates with Active Directory and LDAP without any additional changes to the authentication servers
  • Enterprises can mix several operating systems in the same environment
  • Thin Client Management. Administrators can include and manage thin clients via the PowerTerm WebConnect Admin Tool (including CE, XPe and Linux).
  • SSL VPN Integration and Interoperability. Integrates with leading SSL VPN providers for secure end-to-end enterprise application access; ideal for mobile workers and business partners
  • PowerTerm WebConnect Server Clustering for unlimited scalability and complete redundancy

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