Ericom Connect® Professional

Empowering the SMB Workforce and Accelerating Growth

Within the growing mobile and BYOD landscape, you want your users to be productive and your business to grow. As a leading access solutions provider with over two decades of expertise in the access market, Ericom Software offers small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) an innovative yet cost-friendly remote access solution, designed for ease of use & implementation.

Take advantage of Ericom Connect's ease of implementation, powerful reporting and scalability to overcome day-to-day business challenges and accelerate your growth. Supporting the widest range of user devices, Ericom Connect ensures employees can easily access the resources and services they need to be productive, wherever they are and whichever device they're working on.

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    Secure, Centrally Managed Access – Deploys within hours, and requires no specialized certification or training, so your IT staff and end-users can get straight to work

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    Lower IT Costs & Operational Overhead – Ericom Connect is intuitive and easy to use via a web-based management console, reducing admin requirements by up to 50% and requiring up to 1/3 fewer servers than other available solutions

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    Support for Cloud Migration – Ericom Connect leverages both Amazon and Microsoft cloud SQL as a service, enabling smoother and faster deployments of cloud-based services such as DaaS

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    Streamline Day-to-Day Operations – Take advantage of Ericom Connect's easy-to-use and customizable, delegated administration capability to assign rights and privileges to different users in accordance with the SMB's organizational structure and needs

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    Protect Investments – Leverage a solution that integrates with your existing technology, supports mixed farm environments, and extends the reach of legacy Windows desktops, Chromebooks and locked down workstations

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    Support Mobility and BYOD – Empower users with easy, clientless access to both Windows and Linux applications and desktops from anywhere and on any device, increasing productivity and ensuring business and workforce continuity

  • Ericom Connect (Windows Edition)

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    Connect Server Minimum Requirements

    • Windows Server 2012 R2
    • 1 GB of free Hard-Disk space
    • 7GB RAM
    • 4 Cores
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    Other Requirements

    • Microsoft Active Directory
    • Microsoft SQL or SQL Express 2012 or higher
    • Microsoft IIS 8 or higher
    • Windows 2008 or higher recommended for Terminal Servers and Remote Desktop Servers
    • Windows 7 or higher recommended for workstation access (physical and virtual desktops)

    • Wake On LAN
    • Ability to deny the use of saved passwords in AccessPad
    • All component services are compatible with Windows Server Semi-annual channel (SAC) version 1709 and 1803
    • RemoteAgent Type 2 is fully supported for servers (recommended)
    • RemoteAgent Type 2 publish by path using ‘+’
    • Linux RemoteAgent supports Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
    • Ericom RDX (RDP on Linux) supports Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
    • Linux components supports readmd and SSSD for AD authentication
    • RemoteAgent Type 1 32-bit discontinued
    • Kerberos SSO performance enhancement (requires AccessPad 8.5 or higher)
    • Admin Tool: Added “Always enabled” mode to EricomRDP setting
    • Admin Tool: Added “Allow AccessPad to Save Passwords”
    • Admin Tool: Added Systems | Hosts | Settings | Mark as Permanently Disconnected”
    • Admin Tool: Added Systems | Hosts | Settings | Mark as Temporarily Disconnected”
    • Admin Tool: The "Host Not Running Action" has been added to non-VDI host groups.
    • Configuration Tool: New “Manage Global Services” selection
    • Configuration Tool: What’s New message
    • ConnectCLI: ResourceGroups add < groupname > to create resource group (27692)
    • ConnectCLI: (added in 8.4) ConnectCli systemHealth (CA0000045163)
    • ConnectCLI: ResourceGroups groupName addResources adds resources to resource groups
    • Two new formula variables: ClientIP and XForwardedFor
    • Disallow use of spaces in the username (CA0000052914)
    • Add RunStartup VBS functionality for Microsoft Seamless mode (CA0000048964)
    • VBS scripting feature verified for use with Microsoft Seamless
    • jQuery components in AccessPortal updated to latest version
    • ESG setting of AccessControlAllowOrigin will be blank – will inherit EUWS
    • Performance improvements when there are lots of resource objects
    • When screen mode is 'Normal' and set to a’0’ an error will be displayed.
    • Doc: Clarified publishing from workstation OS requires Microsoft Seamless
    • Doc: Clarified User vs Remote Sessions in End-user guide

    • [AccessNow]
    • Fixed ANFileTransfer.exe UploadHandler so that it does not require UAC elevation when launching the configured application (CA0000049923)
    • Improvements to touch detection

    • [AccessPad/Blaze/EricomRDP]
    • AccessPad for Linux 8.5 supports Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and 18.04 LTS

    • Native SSO with AccessPortal - using Kerberos (26263)
    • Native SSO with AccessPad - using Kerberos (26263)
    • Added AccessNow Multi-touch Gesture Redirection functionality
    • Added Session Following/stealing of active sessions (26371)
    • Added ability to share sessions in AccessPortal (26371)
    • Added ability to publish applications using the canonical path
    • All component services are compatible with Windows Server Semi-annual channel
    • Ericom Connect and RemoteAgent installers require .net 4.6.2 or higher
    • Ericom RemoteAgent Type 2 (T2) is now available as an EXE installer – this is now the recommended RemoteAgent for all deployments (25465)
    • Ericom RemoteAgent Type 2 (T2) has two types of keep alive settings (26223)
    • AccessPortal: added support for session sharing (via PreferHostWithExistingSession)
    • AccessPortal/AccessPad/AccessToGo Portal Client timeout setting added (26126)
    • Improve detection of active application during reconnect (26373)
    • New log entry when trying to an invalid tenant name – search in “All log messages” for "Message Type" RemoteHostNoMatchingTenant (26387)
    • x-forwarded-for value now listed in a dedicated column in all logs
    • Admin Tool: added Active Directory Recovery Verification Interval (24697)
    • Admin Tool: added Active Directory Cache Update Interval (24697)
    • ConnectCLI: Can use '^' as a line continuation character - if the last character on the line is '^', the following line is concatenated.
    • ConnectCLI: added command ‘windowsServices’
    • ConnectCLI: added command ‘resourceGroups’
    • ConnectCLI: added command ‘resourcedefinitions’
    • ConnectCLI: added command ‘ValidateAllObjects’ (22438)
    • ConnectCLI: added three options to ‘AddAdminRecovery’ and set it to use the DNS name instead of Netbios (26419)
    • ConnectCLI: ‘systems list’ now shows the RemoteAgent type
    • ConnectCLI: ‘userActiveDirectoryInfo’ added /terse to suppress the output of the user's group memberships and attributes.
    • ConnectCLI: ‘remotehostconfig’ added parameter ‘tenant’ to set at the tenant level
    • ConnectCLI: ‘resourceGroups’ added parameter ‘tenant’ to set at the tenant level
    • ConnectCLI: ‘resourceDefinition’ added parameter ‘tenant’ to set at the tenant level
    • ConnectCLI: ‘RemoteHostSetState‘added two new parameters
    • ConnectCLI: Command-line (ConnectCLI>) 256-character limit is removed.
    • Ericom Connect Services start type set to “Automatic Start Delayed” (25591)
    • Ericom logo splash screen added to EricomRDP, Configuration Tool, Team Client, Configuration Analyzer (25303)
    • Compatible with Black Ice Print2RDP 6.4
    • Moved the ProgramData ‘deploy' subfolder to %temp% folder (25577)
    • Improved stability when failing over during database outage (20613/CA33717)
    • Improved AccessServer memory management for better stability (23810)
    • Fixed bug: wrong error logged when entering incorrect password via SSO pages (25485/CA0000041235)
    • Fixed bug where the database name could not accept a period ‘.’ (25576)
    • Resolved various CA issues

    • [AccessNow]
    • Updated JQuery to v3.x
    • Support for URL redirection by non-administrator users on Windows 2016 server
    • Universal printer – initial print job as fast as subsequent print jobs (25078)
    • On Windows 10 and 2016 systems, the log now shows the correct OS version (25128)

    • [AccessPad/Blaze/EricomRDP]
    • EricomRDP: compatible on Windows 7 connecting through the ESG
    • EricomRDP: added folders redirection support
    • EricomRDP: improved drives redirection (to specify specific drive)
    • AccessPad: Added DELETE_SETTINGS parameter to flush prior configuration during uninstall (25856)
    • All: Compatible with Windows semi-annual channel versions
    • AccessPad/Blaze: Fixed a stabilization bug in the 32-bit version

    • Ericom Secure Gateway: compatible with Azure Application Gateway
    • Reports: Added x-forwarded-for data to ‘Users’ |”End user sessions”
    • Reports: Added x-forwarded-for data to “System Health” | “Failed Logins”
    • Compatible with Lexmark universal print driver for faster printing
    • ConnectCLI: added parameters ‘EsgAddress’ and ‘EsgId’ to 'SetConnectionRule'
    • ConnectCLI: added parameter ‘batchSize’ to ‘ConnectCli deleteOldLogMessagesDb’ and ‘DeleteOldLogMessages’ (CA0000039460)
    • Team Client: Added a CTRL+ALT+DEL button to the user interface
    • Resolved issue where RemoteAgent did not reconnect to the grid after a restart (CA0000040609)
    • AccessPad/EricomRDP: fixes for applications with Japanese names and users having Japanese names

    • AccessPad web proxy support
    • AccessPad EricomRDP is now the default protocol for all connections
    • AccessPad EricomRDP adds application session sharing and plug-in support
    • Enhanced usage reporting – Concurrent License Usage by Month and Named User License Usage by Month
    • Support for fine-grained active password policies
    • VDI with SCVMM is now released
    • AccessNow is compatible with Samsung universal printer driver for faster printing
    • ConnectCLI: added “systems setCurrentAddress” (24694) and radiusConfig
    • Configuration Tool: New setting to enable Simple Bind for Active Directory
    • RADIUS shared secret encrypted in the database and hidden in admin console
    • Session Tracking API used to detect the process has been updated (CA0000034870)
    • Improve performance for processing Binding groups (CA0000035495)
    • Resolves bug where admin could not add/remove hosts in System group (CA0000040569)
    • Fixed various minor bugs for improved stability and usage

    • [Ericom Connect Changes]
    • Ericom Team Client - File collaboration feature (Enterprise Only)
    • Support for Active Directory on Windows 2016
    • EricomRDP mode is compatible with Windows 2008R2 hosts
    • EricomRDP full screen pin icon will toggle on change (20822)
    • Windows Integrated Authentication support by AccessPortal
    • Admin Tool: Configure client keep-alive heartbeat settings
    • Admin Tool: Configure AccessNow HTTPS fallback in ESG settings
    • Admin Tool: EricomRDP application mode no longer experimental
    • Add "desktop application" feature to AccessNow and Blaze (20827)
    • ConnectCli getMessageLogRecovery adds date range (From/To) options
    • AccessNow HTTPS fallback is disabled by default (starting in 8.0)
    • All self-signed certificates use 2048-bit length for the public key
    • Windows application parameter length can exceed 256 characters (22112)
    • Fixed EricomRDP crash bug (22626)
    • Resolves support issues: CA0000036859, CA0000035495, CA0000034870, CA0000033717, CA0000035123

    • [AccessPad/Blaze]
    • New client keep-alive heartbeat
    • AccessPad Login dialog fixed on high resolution displays (22636)
    • AccessPad EricomRDP Full Screen bar pin toggles on state change
    • Fixed AccessPad EricomRDP crash bug (22626)
    • AccessServer includes stabilization fixes (CA0000034750)
    • Resolves AccessPad-specific support issues: CA0000035663, CA0000035583

    • [AccessNow]
    • New client keep-alive heartbeat
    • AccessServer includes stabilization fixes (CA0000034750)

    • [Ericom Connect Changes]
    • VDI functionality - Technical Preview
    • RemoteAgent can configure a default Systems group
    • User Affinity assignment: Static Persistent and Dynamic Persistent
    • Native client bi-directional audio (EricomRDP)
    • Native client device redirection (EricomRDP)
    • Native client Microsoft Easy Print (EricomRDP)
    • Native client RemoteFX (EricomRDP)
    • Native client file based copy paste (EricomRDP)
    • Admin Tool: Dashboard indicator for LUS configuration consistency
    • Admin Tool: Configure “Smart Sizing” in Connection Properties
    • Admin Tool: Ability to manually add accounts to ‘Users’ list
    • Admin Tool: Improve performance by caching metadata
    • Support multiple Active Directories with the same UPN suffix
    • Ericom Connect and RemoteAgent installers require .net 4.5.2 or higher
    • Option to configure security headers in ESG, EUWS, and AWS
    • ConnectCLI can be run as a command shell
    • Systems can be automatically marked Permanently Disconnected
    • Systems can be automatically removed from a group on Permanent Disconnect state
    • Config Analyzer is launched with the New Grid operation
    • Minor internal bug fixes in AccessPad for Windows
    • Smashed the token bug (Resolved CA0000032885, CA0000033208, CA0000032872)
    • Resolved CA issues: CA0000031689

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    • Cool touch friendly toolbar
    • Direct print mode for faster printing
    • Automatic reconnect upon recovery
    • NLA/TLS support
    • Graphical gestures help screen
    • Easy access keys: ESC, TAB, Windows key
    • NOTE: This is a maintenance release for the AccessToGo offering; no new features have been added to AccessNow
    • NOTE: This version is NOT backwards compatible with Blaze version 2.x and AccessToGo version 2.x.
    • Resolves a known issue where the AccessNow keyboard button is not functional on iOS8 devices
    • New Features:
    • Smoother PDF scrolling. Improved scrolling of complex PDF documents in remote sessions
    • Higher Frames Per Second on videos. 50% improvement in frames per second on HD videos and animations
    • Numerous AccessNow keyboard improvements. Support for English (Australia) keyboard, Swedish/German keyboard fixes, Japanese keyboard fixes
    • Improvements for printing and file transfer. Support removing of fileUploadIcon / fileDownloadIcon

    • Fixed Issues:
    • Suppress double error message (34596)
    • Fix F1 key on IE
    • Zoom issue on MS Surface(34584)
    • Fix Korean/English toggle issue (34128)
    • Fix for Swedish keys (34069)
    • Android orientation change issue (34553)
    • Fix incorrect information on audiomode in config.js (34530)
    • NOTE: This version is NOT backwards compatible with Blaze version 2.x and AccessToGo version 2.x.
    • SSL Improvements. Removed all references to OpenSSL and made general SSL fixes
    • New Licensing Mode. New Licensing Mode for supporting 1000+ AccessServers
    • Performance Enhancements. Reduced Audio bandwidth by over 75%
    • POST support. Support for http POST to AccessNow
    • SSL VPN settings. Better support for SSL VPN
    • Mac Support. Better support for Mac clients using key combinations
    • Parameter Encryption. Ability to pass multiple settings using a single, encoded parameter.
    • NOTE: This version is NOT backwards compatible with AccessNow version 2.x.
    • Session resize. AccessNow session will automatically resize to fit the browser window after a windows resize or orientation change.
    • Major performance enhancements. Major performance enhancements over previous versions including improved video and audio support.
    • Access Server. The AccessNow Server is now called Access Server. It is a unified server serving AccessNow and Blaze clients.
    • 64 Bit & 32 Bit versions. Access Server is available in 64 Bit & 32 Bit versions to make best use of system resources.
    • Time zone Redirection. Default support for using client time zone within sessions. (Can be turned off based on configuration).
    • Windows SSL. Access Server now uses standard Windows SSL for improved stability and performance.
    • RDP redirection. AccessNow supports RDP redirection for environments making use of RDP farms.
    • UI Customizations. Hide Windows login/logoff screens when accessing published applications. Change background color during AccessNow login.
    • Customize Printer Name. Customize the printer name that appears within AccessNow.
    • Ignore URL parameters. Configure AccessNow to ignore URL parameters for tighter security.
    • Localization Support The AccessNow UI can now be displayed in languages other than English, including Japanese and Chinese. The default display language is set based on the default browser language. Japanese and Korean keyboard layouts are now also supported.
    • Audio Support for iOS6 and Android.
    • Touch Support for IE10 (Surface, Windows Phone 8 and Ultrabooks). Note that pinch to zoom and panning isn't supported.
    • AccessNow for VMware application mode You can now specify an application to launch on AccessNow for VMware View
    • Improved SLL support SSL is now implemented with WinSSL (instead of OpenSSL). You can now View/Change/Restore
    • SSL certificates via the AccessNow Configuration Tool.
    • Official support for Microsoft Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 and Internet Explorer 10 (IE10)
    • Support for Safari and Chrome on iOS6, including new iPad, iPad mini and iPhone 5
    • Support for Firefox 14 and higher on Android
    • Support for Silk browser on Amazon Kindle Fire HD
    • Support for connecting through Cisco SSL VPN
    • Support for folder uploads (currently only for Chrome)
    • API for File Transfer
    • New option to display only the connection name in tab title (nameOnly)
    • Support Command key for right-click on Mac
    • Access Server is compatible with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012
    • Supports Ericom Secure Gateway failover sequence
    • File Transfer for local and mapped drives
    • Enhanced support for tablets and smartphones
    • Support for right-click on Mac (Command+left+click)
    • Automatic language selection – the session's keyboard locale will be selected based on the browser's interface language
    • Japanese and Korean language input support for all devices (those physical keyboards or virtual keyboards)
    • Shorter default page URL (https://server-name:8080/)
    • Performance improvements
    • Printing: print files from the remote AccessNow session to the local printer
    • Print as PDF: save print output from the RDP session to the local device as PDF files
    • File Transfer: transfer files between local and remote sessions
    • URL Redirection (open URL's using local browser)
    • HTTPS mode (support for SSL VPN and proxies that do not support WebSockets)
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 support without requiring Google Chrome Frame
    • Support for mobile devices – both smartphone and tablets, such as iPad, iPhone, RIM Playbook, etc.
    • Clipboard support – copy and paste between remote session and local applications.
    • Audio redirection support: play sound in the AccessNow session
    • Full support for Chromebook keyboard, including hot keys for extended features such as function keys.
    • Full support for Windows XP as remote (RDP) host.
    • Support for latest versions of Chrome, Safari, FireFox, Opera and Microsoft IE10 Beta.
    • Supports RSA SecurID for two-factor authentication (for VMware View).
    • New Access Server and licensing configuration utility.
    • Improved performance and reduced resource utilization.
    • Secure Gateway can function as an HTTP proxy for VMware View server and IIS.
    • Secure Gateway can be used as standalone web server for AccessNow.
    • Enhanced configurability of AN: hidden fields, remember password, etc.
    • AccessNow API – pass settings from other web applications or services into AccessNow (e.g., credentials for Single Sign-On)
    • Licensing improvements.
    • Support for Console sessions
    • AccessNow client logging for improved customer support.
    • Ericom Access Server:
    • Windows operating system; Windows 2003 and 2003 R2 – 32 bit and x64 | Windows 2008 – 32 bit and x64 | Windows 2008 R2, Windows XP (sp2 and up), Vista and Windows 7 – 32 bit and x64. | Windows 2012, Windows 8
    • Incoming RDP connections enabled on the OS.
    • 20 MB of free Hard-Disk space.
    • MMX and SSE2 capable CPU.
    • Firewalls are configured to allow traffic over the AccessNow port.

    • Ericom AccessNow Client (WebComponent):
    • HTML5 supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera. | Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 | Windows 2003 and 2003 R24 | Windows 2008 | Windows 2008 R2 |Windows 2012
    • Linux
    • Mac OSX
    • MMX and SSE2 capable CPU.
    • iOS and Android
    • When connecting using secure WebSockets or HTTPS, always install a proper certificate on the server-side (Ericom SecureGateway or Access Server).
    • When the AccessNow client is delivered using HTTPS, always connect using secure WebSockets or through the ESG.
    • With Ericom Connect, we have taken an entirely new approach to the world of connection brokering - in terms of scalability, ease of deployment, redundancy, and basically everything related to access for enterprise-level organizations as well as SMBs. The scalability, alone, reaches new industry heights - you can start out as small as you want, and grow to one million users and more. In the same way that the system is incredibly easy to set up, configure and use, Connect is extremely efficient & effective, requiring minimal resources in terms of servers & administration. The unique real-time reporting & alerting capabilities enable you to easily see How many people are on the system, Where they are accessing it from, and What resources they are using. And with built-in fault tolerance, no third party solutions needed and no single point of failure. With built-in clustering, if one server fails, the system keeps running.
    • How long does it take to install & configure Ericom Connect? A typical installation takes about one hour. As most of our technology is built into the central EricomConnect Server, it's very easy to set up and configure the system.
      As a System Administrator, one of the first things you want to know is, "Is my system up and running? Is everything OK?"
    • Connect's fully Web-based UI gives you a high level, immediate view of the health of your system. All the technical things you would want to control in a remote session are available right here on the screen. The system admin can even see a simulation of the end-user experience, that is, what resources a particular end-user would see if they logged on.

      Unique & Powerful Launch Analysis
      For debugging, finding issues, and more, this unique & remarkable tool enables the system admin to visualize what a user is going to see when he / she logs into the system. You can also gain deep insight into how the system would provide the end-user with resources, what server the end-user would connect to, and all the settings that would be associated with that session. A tool that offers this type of power and knowledge does not exist in any other environment.
    • Hyper-Scalability - Connect is able to scale to unparalleled proportions. It is also inherently reliable and always available.

      The flexible scalability of Ericom Connect makes it an ideal solution for SMBs to larger enterprises across all industries. Let's say you have 50,000 users on a single server and you're merging with another company and need to add another 50,000. No problem: Just add a second server into the Grid; it automatically expands; now scaling to support as many users as one needs. Uniquely built on advanced Grid technology and robust connection brokering, a single Connect server can support per up to 100,000 users and more.

      For a multi data-center installation, system admins can centrally manage a single installation across multiple data centers (e.g., installing 10 servers in completely new sites across the globe).
    • AccessPortal- Web Based Access AccessPad – Native Application Access AccessToGo – Mobile Access
      Any platform Any platform  
      Any browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari) Any browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari) iOS, Android, Blackberry
      Launches AccessNow based applications and desktops Launches AccessNow based applications and desktops Launches seamless applications and desktops
      SSO also available SSO also available  
    • The most basic task is to publish resources - to define what desktops, applications and other resources need to be available to end-users, as well as certain characteristics (clipboard availability, etc.)

      The sys admin can also manage group policies instead of individual resources, such as in a hospital environment, for example: Groups of resources, Groups of servers they sit on and Groups of end-users with access to those systems. Similarly, he / she can define the relationship between all those various groups, as well as the characteristics and the security features around them.

      All this makes it very powerful and easy for an administrator to manage hundreds, if not thousands, of resources and users on a single interface!

      Publish Resources Manage Group Policies Control Access
        Define resource groups.  
      Define desktops and applications to be accessed. Define Host groups Define user level access per resource group.
      Configure session details and characteristics. Configure group session details and characteristics. Configure user level session details and characteristics.
      Configure minimum server side requirements per resource Define host level association to resource groups  
    • Ericom Connect uses grid technology to provide high availability, super scalability, and enhanced performance across all management servers / connection brokers. The distributed nature of the grid platform allows for scaling to support thousands of hosting servers and hundreds of thousands of user sessions - in fact, Ericom Connect can manage 100,000 users per management server vs. 1,000 users with Microsoft RD Connection Broker. Moreover, all business logic, state information, and health status is shared across each member of the grid.

    • Easy-to-use, web-based administration allows executive & technical staff to control who has access to what, while making sure everyone has access to the parts of the systems, resources and business tools they need in order to do their job on a daily basis. This allows the IT Administrator to publish Windows applications and desktops as well as Linux desktops, customize the user environment, manage group policies, configure and monitor resource access, closely monitor user behavior and easily identify intruders. Additionally, customizable, delegated administration allows IT to assign rights and privileges to a variety of users in accordance with security profiles and organizational hierarchy, easily and efficiently. Multi-language support for the Administration Console, includes Asian and other languages.

    • Leverage one scalable installation (rather than installing several disparate silos) to deploy multiple private Ericom Connect tenant environments. One installation reduces IT overhead, configuration, and maintenance. Each tenant environment receives a dedicated URL and can manage isolated environments based on line of business, geographical locations, etc.

    • End users may use several Ericom portal interfaces to sign in to Ericom Connect and launch published resources.

    • AccessPortal - modernized web-based portal, which provides HTML5 browser-based access.
    • AccessPad - a native client that displays applications or desktops using server-side configuration settings. This client supports Ericom Blaze acceleration and non-accelerated mode.
    • AccessToGo - a native mobile application for iOS and Android operating systems.
    • Provides enterprise-level security measures with comprehensive security features, including real-time intruder monitoring, logging and event recording, Single Sign-On and Kerberos. For an additional layer of security, Ericom Connect integrates with leading SSL VPNs and RADIUS, RSA® SecurID®, SecurEnvoy®SecureAccess and SecurICE two-factor authentication support within Connect's Windows native client, as well as with special proprietary customer security systems. Additionally, built-in support for SSL / TLS 1.2, enables all connections from the client to the Terminal Servers to be encrypted, making them secure across public networks; other SBC solutions offer a secure server specifically as a stand-alone server only. Moreover, with built in SSL / TLS 1.2 administrators can permit secure connections to servers that do not support SSL connections.

    • Ericom Connect provides powerful built-in tools for tracking, monitoring, measuring and troubleshooting, including rich visual reports and trends, dashboards, alerts, and more. You can log all user and session activity to provide business with a thorough view of how resources are used. Such data is useful for many use cases such as:

    • Tracking subscription based usage of applications and desktops
    • Monitor user productivity
    • Measure system workload and health
    • Troubleshoot issues (connectivity, assignment, errors, etc.)
    • Ericom bundles UniPrint, RDS-based leading printing solution, as part of its product installation and end-user software client. Additionally, Ericom provides the option to integrate with other leading universal printing solutions (e.g., triCerat, Net2Printer and others).

    • Ericom Connect integrates with Microsoft's Active Directory for user authentication. If the network user is disabled, then the Connect server will not allow this user to log into the system.

    • Windows 10 Ready
    • The Ericom Team client allows multiple users to view and collaborate on files via a single remote session; perfect for remote learning and team projects. Each participant can take control of the live session when they have something to contribute, while others can view the ongoing session in real time.

  • See Ericom Connect Feature Comparison

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“Ericom Connect...The whole thing just feels really intuitive. You can create groups of applications, groups of servers, and groups of users that you then manage as a group. So you can associate a group of apps with AD items and apply groups to hosts.”

Brian Madden, Desktop Virtualization Expert,

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