Ericom Blaze RDP compression and acceleration software






Ericom Blaze: RDP Acceleration

Frustrated by Slow RDP sessions or PDF scrolling? Get up to 10x faster graphics, animations & response times!

Ericom Blaze RDP compression and acceleration software delivers a great local PC-like experience across WAN / LAN, while reducing bandwidth consumption and optimizing RDP network traffic. Use it to speed up slow remote desktop connections, PDF displays, and audio / video performance on terminal services (RDS).

Ideal for BYOD! Clientless Accelerated Access

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Ericom Blaze Features and Benefits:

  • Up to 10x faster display performance of graphics-rich content: browsers, PDFs, Flash and streaming video over WAN / LAN
  • Improves slow RDP and the effects of high Network Latency
  • Compatible with all RDP-based remote applications - even those with graphic-rich user interfaces
  • Printer Redirection: Easily route printing jobs from the TS / RDS Server to a local printer
  • Accelerate text based content delivery by Up to 3x
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, Win CE, iPad, iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry
  • Works standalone with x86 or x64 based host systems which support RDP - Windows Terminal Servers/RDS, Remote physical desktops and VDI-based desktops
  • Also supports advanced connection brokers from Ericom and VMware

For more information, see our Blaze FAQs.

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