Zero Trust Network Access,
Via Your Existing VPNs and Firewalls

Least-privilege access for apps and data, locally and remotely
Integrates with current network infrastructure
No change in user access experience

The Most Efficient, Effective Way to Add Zero Trust Network Access

Microsegmenting access limits each user’s visibility to only the IT resources they require

Cloaks applications from unauthorized users to isolate them from attack

Automated policy building makes true least-privilege access policy creation simple, even for large organizations

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Simple to Deploy and Manage

Ericom Application Isolator software integrates with leading network infrastructure and VPN solutions to enforce granular, user-level microsegmented access policies. Clientless design means there’s nothing to install on endpoints. It’s as plug-and-play as it gets.
No Change in User Experience

Users log in and connect via VPN client or local network as usual -- no extra sign-ins or hoops to jump through. Authentication is automatic, and grants access to all apps the user’s authorized to use – and no visibility to those they are not.

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Least Privilege Access: Only as Good as Your Policies

While “granular access policy” sounds great, creating those policies for hundreds or thousands of individuals is such a huge task that it almost never is done. Group policies are doable, but at the cost of over-privileging at least some users.

EAI’s unique, patent-pending Automatic Policy Manager automates user-level policy building so it’s simple and hands-free. It also provides real-time monitoring, AI-enabled analysis and alerting to enable constant improvement of your network security posture.


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Add Zero Trust controls to your existing VPN and local network to enforce microsegmentation policies that restrict access to enterprise resources and apps. Download the free edition of the solution today, or explore the added protections and features included in in the Advanced edition.


Core Zero Trust capabilities for remote access via your VPN
Secure, least privilege network access for remote and local users
(Per user/mo billed annually)
* 50 user minimum
Application isolation for remote access
Application cloaking
Application access auditing
Automated access policy creation
Application isolation for internal access
Geolocation access blocking
Time-of-day access blocking
Tech support
Online Resources
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Monthly plans available

Ericom Application Isolator has added an important set of capabilities to our remote access security approach. I highly recommend it for organizations looking for a quick and efficient way to add zero trust network access capabilities to their environment.

Joe Morin, CEO, Cyflare

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