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Step 8: Ending a PowerTerm Session

You need to end a session before exiting the PowerTerm application. PowerTerm provides four options to end a session:

For details on how to exit PowerTerm, see Step 9: Exiting PowerTerm, page .

Automatic Closing

PowerTerm enables you to close PowerTerm automatically when you close a session.

From the Terminal menu, select Setup. The Terminal Setup dialog box is displayed.

Select the Preferences tab.

Click the Auto Exit PowerTerm box to select it.

Click the OK button.

If you have modified terminal parameters during a session, a message displays asking if you want to save the setup (.PTS) file before closing.

To automatically reconnect a PowerTerm session when you exit the current session, select the Auto ReConnect option in the Terminate Setup dialog box.

Optional Closing

For non-IBM emulations only, if you have not selected the Auto Exit PowerTerm option in the Terminal Setup dialog box (as described on the previous page), and the communication session has been terminated, PowerTerm displays the following message: "Session closed (<exit code>). Hit Enter to restart session."

<exit code> may have one of the following values:

Press Enter to re-establish communication based on the current terminal and communication parameters.

User-Initiated Closing

You can close a session at any time by selecting Disconnect from the Communication menu.

User-Initiated Fast Exit

If you request a fast exit while communication is in progress (for example, by pressing <Alt> + <F4>), PowerTerm reacts according to the parameters that you selected in the Preferences tab of the Terminal Setup dialog box.

If you have selected the Auto Exit PowerTerm parameter, PowerTerm closes the session and exits. If this parameter is not selected, a message is displayed enabling you to decide what to do next.

To access the Preferences tab, select Setup from the Terminal menu.

PowerTerm enables you to run two or more sessions concurrently by opening a new instance of the PowerTerm window. To open a new instance of the PowerTerm window, select New Terminal window from the File menu. 

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