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Chapter 2: Installing PowerTerm

PowerTerm can be installed under Windows 3.x, Windows 95 or Windows NT.

Before installing PowerTerm, you should make a backup copy of the PowerTerm installation diskettes. You should always use the backup
diskettes for installation and keep the original diskettes in a safe place.

Installing PowerTerm

  • To install PowerTerm:

    Start Windows 3.x, Windows 95 or Windows NT, then insert the PowerTerm installation diskette into the
    appropriate diskette drive.

    For Windows 3.x, select the Run option from the Program Manager File menu. The Run dialog box is displayed:

    For Windows 95 or Windows NT, click the Start button in the taskbar and chose Run. The Run dialog box is displayed:

    Type a:\setup.exe in the Command Line(Windows 3.x) or Open Line (Windows 95 or Windows NT) and press OK.
    If you have inserted the diskette into drive b, type b:\setup.exe instead.

    The PowerTerm Setup window is displayed with a License Agreement:

    After you have read the license agreement, click Yes to continue the installation process. The
    Choose Destination Location dialog box is displayed:


    If you want to change the default program name and/or destination folder, click the Browse button.

    Click Next. The PowerTerm dialog box is displayed:

    Check if you first want to view the README file or launch PowerTerm and then click Finish.

    Files are copied from the diskette to the selected directory and PowerTerm's Connect window appears:

    After installation is complete for Windows 3.x, a new Ericom PowerTerm group, with the Power Term icon, is displayed in the Program Manager.
    After installation is complete for Window 95 or Windows NT, a new Ericom PowerTerm program group appears in the Start button of the Programs
    menu. The PowerTerm program group contains a new .exe command for the PowerTerm version that you installed.


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