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Table of Contents

Introduction to PowerTerm WebConnect OCX Control

System Requirements

Creating a Connection with HTML

PowerTerm WebConnect OCX Control Reference

Properties, Methods and Events of control




Setup Interface


Application Interface







Appendix A

Defining a Connection in PowerTerm WebConnect Administration Tool

Server As Gateway for Fat Client

Creating a User

Testing Specific Connection

Assigning a command to a JAVA/PC Key


Introduction to PowerTerm WebConnect OCX Control

PowerTerm WebConnect OCX Control with Open API is Ericom Software's browser-based, Web-to-host connectivity solution, which can be deployed immediately and can also be customized. The output sent to a client's device is an OCX Control, which is embedded into the HTML Page or a Visual Basic application and programmable on the client side (using JavaScript or VBScript). PowerTerm WebConnect OCX Control features single point (zero client) installation and centralized management, which gives the administrator a high level of control.

A key advantage that PowerTerm WebConnect OCX Control has is that this advance product uses nothing more than the robust and powerful, well-known and carefully debugged PowerTerm emulation engine, which is embedded in the HTML page or a Visual Basic application and exposes methods, events and properties to the client-side scripts. This allows any alterations and adjustments made to the original AS/400 or VT application to be reflected in the resulting web application totally "on-the-fly".

PowerTerm WebConnect OCX Control can be used in any Web scenario or a Visual Basic application where interaction with legacy systems is required and where cost effectiveness, time to market and non-intrusiveness are important.


System Requirements

The following configuration of development and run-time environments found to be compatible with PowerTerm WebConnect OCX Control requires:


Creating a Connection with HTML

To create a connection with HTML:

PowerTerm WebConnect Administration Tool definitions

1.       Define a connection and user in the PowerTerm WebConnect Administration Tool.

2.       Define a login script and keyboard mapping in the PowerTerm WebConnect Administration Tool if desirable.

Note For further information on keyboard mapping, refer to the online documentation for the PowerTerm WebConnect Administration Tool.

3.       Customize the Settings in the PowerTerm WebConnect Administration Tool if desirable.

4.       Confirm that the connection is satisfactory.

Note Not required.

For further information, refer to the online documentation for the PowerTerm WebConnect Administration Tool.

HTML creation

1.       Determine the location of the OCX controls on the HTML page using Object tags.

2.       Specify the CAB file in codebase as shown below:


<OBJECT id="WebConnectOCX" style="LEFT: 0px; TOP: 0px; RIGHT:0px; BOTTOM: 0px;"


classid=clsid:2A74D83E-280F-11d5-9ED9-0050DAD6BDFC width=0 height=0 VIEWASTEXT>

<PARAM NAME="_Version" VALUE="131072">

<PARAM NAME="_ExtentX" VALUE="9525">

<PARAM NAME="_ExtentY" VALUE="6350">

<PARAM NAME="_StockProps" VALUE="0">



3.       In order to enable the PowerTerm WebConnect OCX Control you must first connect to PowerTerm WebConnect server using the LoginToServer method of Setup interface.


If (WebConnectOCX.Setup.LoginToServer("HOSTNAME", 4000, "USERNAME", "PASSWORD", true) == true)


4.       After the server connection was established, select the connection that you defined previously by the OpenSession method of Setup interface. PowerTerm WebConnect OCX Control upon identifying the connection, opens the session, runs a login script, and applies the keyboard mapping and all the visual settings.