Instant Application Webification

The quickest and most efficient route to web-enabling legacy and non-web Windows applications (within hours!).
Makes applications accessible via any browser, at a fraction of the cost and time - No need for code changes whatsoever.Enables the use of legacy applications on any device / client platform.
Save on IT costs and R&D efforts required to convert old applications to current work environments
Easily turn legacy applications into web-based applications – in hours
Enable business continuity without compromising on application performance, security and user experience
Product Information

✔ Take advantage of Ericom’s solutions to quickly repackage and centralize Windows applications.

✔ Make all Windows assets accessible to all users and address BYOD access needs.

Success stories

"Webification is the act of converting content from its original format into a format capable of being displayed on the World Wide Web."

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Any application,
any device,
Ericom's HTML5 browser-based access has proven a very natural experience for end-users, ensuring a remarkably rapid take-up of services.
Dave Curran
IT Manager, ITB
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