Desktop as a Service - DaaS

Ericom Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution offers an attractive alternative to both VDI and standard desktop environments.
DaaS deployments require 20% fewer licenses than VDI as well as reduce bandwidth and storage costs by up to 50% lower as VDI / SANs are unnecessary
Generate a steady revenue stream from your cloud infrastructure while serving multiple customers/ tenants using a single administration system
A seamless desktop experience across all devices, making employees agile, productive and connected at all times (Browser based, no installation on user devices)
Product Information

✔ Ericom DaaS offering leverages Ericom's access management solution.

✔ Easily host and manage multiple DaaS customers using a single management console -with multi-tenancy and     delegated administration control

Success stories

"DaaS is a $2 Billion market for cloud service providers; in 2014 the market grew by 30%; the same is expected through 2017"

451 Research
Ericom and nGenx Partner to Provide DaaS and Application Access Solutions [...] Read more
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Any application,
any device,
Ericom continues to innovate as they solidify themselves as a Desktop as a Service and DaaS enabler, providing businesses with robust products backed by an architecture that enables organizations to deliver applications and desktops at the scale they require to keep pace with today’s strategic business initiatives.
Mark Bowker
Enterprise Strategy Group
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