Ericom Software Products

Extend Your Reach with Ericom’s Embedded Thin Clients

Standardize on a single host access solution that supports over 35 terminal emulation types.

Dell and Ericom — 10 Years of Successful OEM Partnership

Enjoy a complete remote access solution, ranging from installable thick clients to thin clients and clientless, browser-based access

Ericom® PowerTerm® Terminal Emulation Products

Ericom PowerTerm terminal emulators enable organizations to standardize on a single host access solution that supports over 35 terminal emulation types, while providing secure, reliable and easy access to accounting, inventory, management, and other business critical applications hosted on IBM Mainframe (zSeries), IBM Midrange AS/400 (iSeries), UNIX, OpenVMS, Tandem, and HP systems.

  • All Wyse embedded Windows and Linux thin clients include Ericom PowerTerm Terminal Emulation and the Ericom Connect client for VDI / RDS access
  • Millions of Users and Thousands of Enterprises are using Wyse Thin Clients with Ericom
  • Dell Customers can use the same Ericom PowerTerm Terminal Emulation for their Windows, Linux and Mac desktops and laptops: client-based as well as browser-based

Ericom Additional Family of Products:

  • Ericom Connect® — A robust remote application and desktop access solution suitable for enterprise deployments of hundreds of thousands of users. Built on advanced Grid technology and robust connection brokering, Connect offers high availability, super-scalability and enhanced performance. For mid-size to large enterprises.
  • Ericom AccessNow™HTML5 RDP client that provides browser-based access to Windows applications and desktops (virtual & physical), running on Windows Terminal Services / RDS / VDI platforms. Works from any device with an HTML5 compatible browser.
  • Ericom Blaze™ — RDP compression and acceleration software that delivers a superior and secure local PC-like experience across WAN / LAN, while dramatically reducing bandwidth consumption and optimizing RDP network traffic.