Customer Testimonials
Nothing is more important to us than our customers. We’ve already helped more than 30,000 organizations deliver seamless, secure access to corporate applications and other mission-critical systems, while maintaining productivity and optimizing user experience. Now they are able to connect authorized users to the specific resources they need to do their jobs, while protecting data and devices from internal and external cybersecurity threats, and increasing the efficiency of their IT departments. Here’s what they have to say about us.

Ericom Connect - Easy Setup and Implementation

Ericom Connect - Best User Experience using Clientless Access

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As time has passed, it has become more and more obvious to us that we made the right decision. Ericom supports whatever we want to deliver, in the multitude of different ways we want to deliver it.

Andreas Burt
ICT Strategy Manager
South Gloucestershire Council



Ericom’s HTML5 access services really made Chromebooks a valid option for us.

Cliff Dixon
VP of IT
Quality Distribution, Inc. (QDI)



We wanted to make it really easy for doctors to open up a browser and get to work with AOD. Ericom has made this possible.

Jerry Frohlich
IT System Specialist
Frasier Meadows



We evaluated Ericom Connect on several criteria, including ease of use, performance, and the cost of IT resources required to support our remote users in the field. Ericom Connect was selected because it far exceeded our criteria with respect to setup and deployment, management, and user experience.

Eric Bernard
Internal Infrastructure & Service Manager
Construction Partners, Inc.



After reviewing other remote browser solutions and how they function in the real world, Ericom Shield was the solution that best matched our needs… Ericom Shield is seamless to end users, who don’t even realize they’re using it.

Tom Sepic
Westbury Bank



Ericom Connect offered the best solution for our firm, based on performance, functionality and overall value. Our attorneys love it.

Jim Struve
IT Director
Belin McCormick, P.C.



As a zero client solution, Ericom AccessNow not only offers the flexibility for students to conduct research at their own convenience using the devices they are comfortable with, but also eliminates the support and maintenance associated with endpoint installations.

Chancelor C. Chao
Technical Director
Antioch University



The British Library has to find a balance between providing the best services for users, while protecting the interests of publishers and meeting the requirements of legislation. Ericom's AccessNow enables us to do precisely this.

Lewis Crawford
Manager, Architecture Group
The British Library



We were searching for a [web isolation and file sanitization] solution that would integrate smoothly and seamlessly with existing security solutions, support group-based policy definition for users and domains, and be centrally managed. Ericom Shield ticked all those boxes.

Uri Inbar
IT Director
ALYN Hospital



Ericom gives us all the features that we require, without the overhead of paying for features that we don't use. We will get return on our investment in Ericom in less than two years.

Jon Mallet
IT Director
GAB Robins



Ericom Shield is crucial for our work at ALYN. The ability to access any site from any computer or tablet, and download any file without putting our network at risk, increases staff productivity and allows us to provide the best care for our patients.

Dr. Maurit Beeri
Director General
ALYN Hospital



Accessing Windows Terminal Services isn’t always straightforward with the Microsoft RDP client. Putting the ‘secure desktop’ in a browser was a game-changer for us… Ericom AccessNow has taken a huge load off of the IT team because it just works. We wish we had found this solution earlier.

Jonathan Sibray
IT Director
University of Colorado Law School



By going with Ericom AccessNow, we’ve eliminated both the need for a VPN and the support headache of deploying and maintaining desktop devices. Setup was really easy and Ericom’s tech support was fantastic.

Bob Lang
Network Systems
Frasier Meadows



Ericom provides a great solution that gives our users secure access to our cloud application whenever they need it. They delivered the immediate value our organization expected.

Ed Blackman



In the racing industry, we require both speed and flexibility. Ericom Connect provides our team with a lightning-fast remote access experience, allowing us to work on large CAD files in the browser as if we were in the office using a desktop. As a result, our cars remain race-ready with the latest design changes, ensuring maximum performance.

Bill Peters
Chief of Information Technology
Sahara Force India Formula One Team



Ericom Connect just works. It's so simple to use and administer.

Richard Barker
Network Manager
P&O Ferrymasters



All of the other products we looked at lacked a decisive advantage, but when I found Ericom Shield I thought, 'This is just what I’ve been looking for!'

Takurou Yashima
Data Center Management
Osaki Computer Engineering Co., Ltd.



Ericom Connect is straightforward to administer but extremely effective, allowing us to address access challenges and improve productivity for a wide variety of users without sacrificing important time and budget resources. We are a very satisfied customer.

Ralph Ruttimann
Head of IT
Ferag HQ