Customer Testimonials from Ericom

Customer Testimonials

Ericom has sold over 8 million licenses worldwide and has a network of distributors, resellers and system integrators across 45 countries.

It's no wonder that we constantly hear from satisfied customers how simple, efficient and cost effective Ericom access solutions are.

If you are an Ericom user write to us and tell us what you think of our software.

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"Ericom's flexible access solution makes it very easy for us to offer home-based learning because pupils can access our services from any device."

"As time has passed, it has become more and more obvious to us that we made the right decision. Ericom supports whatever we want to deliver, in the multitude of different ways we want to deliver it. "

Andreas Burt,
ICT Strategy Manager,
South Gloucestershire Council

"Ericom Connect just works. It's so simple to use and administer."

Richard Barker,
Network Manager,
P&O Ferrymasters

"We told our users to go to their most challenging sites, using regular Terminal Server [via RDP], and then to those sites using Ericom's Blaze client. We asked them to report back to us with the differences."

"They said that Blaze has made a world of difference, and now they are able to operate. Flash animation that wouldn't work is now working, and things that were working poorly are now working well."

"It was very easy and we were very impressed. And we really liked the idea that Blaze was a small dedicated package; it was the thing we needed, and it did what the documentation said it would do - unlike the other products which were huge and unwieldy for our needs. We rolled it out to all of our clients and it continues to be a big success."

Jeff Lake
Systems Administrator

"Our objective is to provide students with access to software and library resources from any location. AccessNow was easy to install, and the combined AccessNow and VMware View solution will allow students to access virtual desktops with no client software to install or manage. Access would be supported from laptops, netbooks, Chromebooks, iPads and other devices running HTML5 supported browsers."

Tony Malloy
IT Manager
University of Connecticut

"We have used PowerTerm now for over 18 months. Its functionality and flexibility are very impressive and play an important role in providing critical connectivity to our branches across the UK and Europe."

Ian Rowbottom,
CarPhone Warehouse IT Manager

"PowerTerm WebConnect was one of only a few products on the market today that allowed us to use ActiveX instead of Java to connect to a server that is behind our firewall. This allowed us to stay within Windows® environment because we could use Internet Explorer as our browser for remote dealer locations. "

Rick Fry,
Information Systems Manager,
Teletouch Communications

" For the Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust, PowerTerm is proving to be a valuable investment. The new system is proving so reliable that it is having a positive impact on the IT support work load and because all the configuration is done at the server, PowerTerm WebConnect is reducing the amount of desktop support visits. "

" Due to the personal nature of information within the Trust, security and the need for confidentiality was high on the list of requirements and Ericom's solution had good security features. "

Phil Morgan,
Network & IT Services Manager,
The Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust, UK

" We needed to quickly enable wireless access to a HP3000 system we've been using for more than 15 years, without making any code changes to the original system. It was critical for us to keep this legacy system intact, and keep all our existing data in one place. PowerTerm Host Publisher was the only solution that allowed us to do that, the way we wanted to do it. No other solution was a match for our requirements. "

Gary Burkhart,
Systems Business Analyst,
Driscoll's Berries

Ericom has sold over 8 million licenses worldwide and has a network of distributors, resellers and system integrators across 45 countries.

Success stories.

" In the racing industry, we require both speed and flexibility. Ericom Connect provides our team with a lightning-fast remote access experience, allowing us to work on large CAD files in the browser as if we were in the office using a desktop. As a result, our cars remain race-ready with the latest design changes, ensuring maximum performance."

Bill Peters,
Chief of Information Technology,
Sahara Force India Formula One Team

" AccessNow fits right in with our goal to provide students with a computing experience that closely matches the traditional, full desktop computing experience and is affordable, productive, supportable and highly functional. Ericom is a leader in the market with a great history of providing quality solutions. With an accelerated timeframe to reach our "1 TWO 1" computing model goals, we tested Ericom for a few months and we quickly discovered how easy AccessNow is to deploy and use. You simply log in and you have your Windows desktop. It just works."

Tommy Carter
IT Systems Engineer
Richland School District Two

"We wanted a complete desktop management solution to improve efficiencies and lower operating costs down the road. The combined VMware-Ericom Blaze approach allows us to get the best out of VMware View in terms of reducing new desktop provisioning times, improving manageability and security, at the same time as providing faster connectivity and a great user experience."

Preston Rodriguez
Network Administrator,
Gulfeagle Supply

"Ericom's PowerTerm WebConnect has streamlined the whole desktop virtualization process, making a potentially unmanageable situation - manageable. "When you can manage 20 Virtual Desktops on centralized servers, that is 20 fewer offices you need to visit."

Dan Hurlbutt, Lead IT Consultant
San Francisco Theological Seminary

"As result of deploying PowerTerm WebConnect RemoteView... we can now get rid of the redundant desktops and furniture in each two-person office and use it for other purposes within the Health Unit. Instead of two of everything, we just need one!"

Rob Bannerman
Computer System Administrator, Brant County Health

" As a company, we have been really pleased that the implementation of PowerTerm WebConnect took so little time. We encountered no compatibility issues whatsoever with any of our existing systems - every aspect of the installation was very straight forward. "

" With PowerTerm WebConnect, we now have ultimate flexibility in which desktop system we deploy to which user, while helping to future proof our investment against any longer term decisions regarding operating systems. "

James Dalziel,
Woodgate Fulfilment,
IT Systems

" PowerTerm WebConnect is helping to save time and administrative functions. It saves the Sheriff's Department from having to do the administrative work, and it enables AOC to remotely access the information, when they need it. We see it as a win-win situation for both parties. "

Justin Smith,
CEO of Guilford County IT Services

" The fact that PowerTerm WebConnect was an easy and simple program to work with, install, and administer, was a major advantage, and the whole installation took about 15 minutes. "

" We can now administrate the program via the WebConnect server and manage it for all our users". Before, we were unable to manage the system because it ran on the individual machines themselves. This took up a lot of time and manpower. With PowerTerm WebConnect, it runs on a server and we're able to control it from one central location. "

Joe Sito,
Team Manager, Office Solutions,
debitel Nederland BV

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