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Save Report To A File

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By dsmith » 02 Apr 2014

 Is it possible to save a report to a file? 

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By James_Ericom » 04 Apr 2014 in reply to dsmith

Please do the following: 1. Launch PowerTerm Go to Terminal/Setup 2. Select Printer tab/ Change the “Print Device “ option to “File” 3. Give a File name with a .txt extension (ex:TEST.txt) 4. Click OK 5. Now from the FILE dropdown menu - select Start Auto Print 6. Continue steps to produce report contents 7. Go back to File/ and select Stop Auto Print The Report will default to the File you created (TEST.txt) and will default to your PowerTerm setup folder which is located: • Windows 7 - My Documents/My PowerTerm Folder • Windows XP - C:\Program Files\Ericom Software\PowerTerm Folder • Mac OS X - in the Local user home directory/ PowerTerm Config folder

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