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Port flow with Secure Gateway, WebConnect, and AccessNow

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By James_Ericom » 12 Sep 2014

Due to popular request, here is a port summary of the communication flow for each touch point in an Ericom WebConnect environment utilizing the ESG and AccessNow HTML5
All listed values are the default and may be customized.

End-user device to ESG – 443
ESG to WebConnect - 4000
ESG to Web Server (Comportal) – 80/443
ComPortal to WebConnect (usually on same system) - 4000
ESG to AccessServer - 8080
AccessServer to RDP – 3389 Since AccessServer is on the RDP host, then 3389 does not need to be open on the network for Ericom use (AccessServer is referencing the RDP host via

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