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Load Balancer Displaying Negative 1 Rank (-1)

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By rogerw84 » 29 Aug 2014


We have recently noticed our load balancer showing a -1 Rank intermittently on several of my Terminal Servers for a couple of seconds before switching back to a normal positive number ranking.  However, the status on those servers always stay Green / Active, and the available CPU / memory look fine.

What does a negative 1 (-1) rank mean and should I be concerned?

Thank you, 

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By Andrew_Ericom » 02 Sep 2014

The -1 ranking is a result of the onrush blocking built into the WebConnect Load Balancer. The default setting is to temporarily stop connections to a terminal server if more than 10 users are sent to the same terminal server in a 20 second period. This prevents all the users being logged into a single terminal before the load balancer is updated with new usage details. 

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