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Ericom Secure Gateway -> Webconnect/Loadbalancer CONFIG

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By JasonGreve » 28 Apr 2015

Hello Everyone,

I am currently running the following setup:

ESG (server1) --> Webconnect & Loadbalancer (server2) - - - > TS FARM

I am having issues getting the handover to work properly, and I believe it's due to my configuration I just cant figure out why.  I have the following symptoms I think could be beneficial:

If I try to navigate to https://server1 I get a 404 - File or Directory not found (presumably because the ESG has no webserver, and it's not pointing to the right location on server2).  Within the ESG I have it configured for the Web Server to use Default Folder WebConnect.

If I try to navigate to http://server2/webconnect/AppPortal/Index.asp this loads up and functions fine (I can login and am presented with published connections).

After looking through the Ericom directory on server 1 I noticed that I do not have the "web" folder within WebConnect 6.0 but I thought server1 should be passing this to server2 with my setup.

Can someone point me in the direction of the setting I need to configure for this to happen?  I want a request that comes to Server1 for Webconnect to be looking on Server2.  (IE the ESG is just the middle man)

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