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Default printer not getting redirected in user session

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By pradeep.kapil » 16 May 2014

we have multiple Network and Locally attached printers for users . All the printer mapping is forced through Group Policy's for users . 

When we just do RDP we can see the default printer in user profile and are able to do the printing . 

But when we connect through Ericom Application Zone and use Blaze Universal Printer only XPS  printer appear as default printer and every time manually we need to select the desire printer for printing ( in apps like Word ,excel ,ppt ) .

In application like SAP we don't even get the option of choosing the printer and no printing happen 

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By Andrew_Ericom » 27 May 2014


Can you tell me what version of Ericom AccessServer you are running on the RDS host? This problem might be fixed with an updated version.

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By Anonymous » 03 Jun 2014


we are using Blaze 3.3 and have tried using 3.2 also but with no success.

By James_Ericom » 19 Jun 2014 in reply to Anonymous

This issue will be resolved in the upcoming version of Blaze and Access Server.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused and stay tuned for the release of the next version.  We will post the download link when it becomes available.

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