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Blue / Black Screen

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By pradeep.kapil » 03 Jun 2014

(PTWC-RV 5.8.4 ) using application zone when a application is launched Windows Blue / Black screen appears before application is launched . This is when only one user is connected . 

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By James_Ericom » 18 Jun 2014 in reply to pradeep.kapil


Which application are you publishing?  When it is launched in desktop mode is there a span where nothing is displayed (that could lead to the background being displayed instead).

Does this occur with any other published application?

Is this a new installation of 5.8.4 or an upgrade?  If it is an upgrade, please remember to upgrade the Access Server and/or TSAgent on the Terminal Server(s) as well. 

Please contact your local Ericom support team to request support.  This issue will require further troubleshooting and a possible WebEx session to clarify what is occurring.


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