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Security Advisory - Response to HP ZDI Vulnerability

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By James_Ericom » 18 Jun 2014

Ericom has released a patch for the vulnerability reported by HP's Zero Day Initiative (3913).

Please visit this Service Advisory page for full details:


Ericom has released a patch to fix the security flaw that had left Access Server vulnerable to exploit.

The new version is numbered:

All PowerTerm WebConnect, Ericom Blaze and AccessNow customers are encouraged to download and install the new Access Server version.

The new version can be downloaded at:


How can I tell what version of Access Server I am using?

Launch the Ericom Access Server Configuration and click the about button to see the version of Access Server that you have installed.

Do I need to upgrade the AccessNow webpages as well?

The vulnerability is server-side only, no changes have been made to the webpages, you will however need to ensure that you running version 3 webpages. It is generally good practice to upgrade the webpages in any event when upgrading the Access Server.

Is this server compatible with the older Blaze clients?

Access Server version 3.x is not compatible with older (v 2.x, 1.x) version of the Blaze client software.

I am using WebConnect. How do I upgrade the Access Server?

You will need to upgrade the Access Server on each host server. Answer as above for AccessNow web pages, these pages are located under the WebConnect folder on your WebConnect server. WebConnect customers can download the new AccessServer version from:


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