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Ericom Connect 7.5.1 Release March 23, 2016 GA

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By James_Ericom » 24 Mar 2016

[Ericom Connect]
Ericom Connect Linux Session support
AccessServer for Linux (Managed mode only)
New RemoteAgent Web Service for Type 2 RemoteAgents
Ericom Analytics for data visualization and business intelligence (Enterprise)
Publish folder contents to the top level for the end-user
Three new “Login Name Formats”
New ConnectCLI commands for database backup and certificate reset
New end-user access page for kiosk use cases
Default number of tenants for Enterprise license increased to 1,000
AccessPortal adds keyboard locale setting option
Smashed some bugs

ALT+Tab button in AccessNow Toolbar
Application “Scale to Fit” for applications requiring a fixed resolution
Chrome Direct Copy/Paste to/from local device (Windows)
The default minimum resolution is now 768 x 600

AccessPad Start Menu shortcut icon
AccessPad Signed Configuration support



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