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Ericom Connect 7.0 - release ETA March 11, 2015

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By James_Ericom » 02 Mar 2015

Ericom Connect 7.0.0 is released and available to the general public.

Release Notes:

[Administrative Features]
Web-based Administration Console 
Health Status Widgets
Resource Launch Analysis
Comprehensive Reporting Function
ConnectCLI command line interface

[End-User Features]
AccessNow v7.0 HTML5 interface
AccessToGo v7.0 mobile client
AccessToGo Connect v7.0 mobile client
AccessToGo Sector v7.0 mobile client
AccessPad Windows v7.0, AccessPad Mac 3.1 native client
Direct Single Sign-On interface
AccessPortal Login Portal

[Security Features]
HTTPS Compatible
Includes Ericom Secure Gateway for remote access
Supports RADIUS two-factor authentication method
Supports third-party trusted certificates

[Infrastructure Features]
PoC and Production installer options
Built-in Ericom grid for high availability

Microsoft Active Directory
Microsoft SQL or SQL Express 2012
Microsoft IIS 8 or higher
Windows 2012R2 for Ericom Connect Grid components
Windows 2008 or higher recommended for Terminal Servers and Remote Desktop Servers
Windows 7 or higher recommended for workstation access (physical and virtual desktops)

[Connect Server Minimum Requirements]
Cores: 4
Storage: 1GB


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