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ThinStuff Server

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By sach_nyc » 28 Dec 2015

Is ericom blaze compatible with ThinStuff?

I have XP/VS Terminal Server Lite running on windows 7 machine.

here is product info

RDP is slow and I need ericom Blaze to accelerate it.

Is this possible?


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By Cristian_Ericom » 06 Jan 2016

Hello Sach,

Thank you for contacting Ericom.
Regarding you question, Blaze is accelerating and compressing the Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and in order to work, on the terminal server you need to install the Access Server component.
This component is installed on the RDP server to compress and accelerate RDP and if you already have another software running on the RDP port, in this case XP/VS Terminal Server, this will cause a conflict and the solution will not work.

So the answer is no, it will not work, Blaze is meant to function only with the AccessServer component which works on top of the Microsoft RDP.

In this case, my suggestion is that you should use Blaze with AccessNow. Using this setup will give a great RDP experience, while compressing the RDP traffic and providing a smooth remote desktop session.

Further information on AccessNow can be found at
Please fell free to contact our Tech Support department at ca [@]

Kind regards,

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