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Blaze command with Dual monitors

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By jalcroft » 23 Jul 2014

Hi all. We have been playing with Blaze on and off over the last few months, now we need to move things on, quick :)

We were initially trying out 2.5, but have found a issue with 3.1, and I'm sure we can't be the only ones trying to use Blaze via command line.

We are launching Blaze via command line to run an application. With 2.5, this worked fine - opened the app primary screen center in seamless mode (this is important).

With 3.1 however, with dual screen, the application always opens off to the right of your primary screen. This is regardless of whether you secondary screen is to the right or left (or top or bottom). If secondary screen is on the right, it isn't too bad, but if it is too the left you are stuffed. Basically, the application is opening full width screen center AND assumes the secondary screen is on the right.

The second issue is that it is, as per my last comment above, opening full width screen center, not primary screen center.

If you run this through the blaze client, telling it to start the same application, it works as expected. Problem is just command line.

I have spoken and shown Ericom support what is happening, and I think they have accepted it is a bug. But nothing is going to happen short term. There has to be someone else out the launching Blaze via command line with dual screens. How have you overcome this problem? Am I missing a command line option somewhere? What i am using is:

/app:C:\app_folder\my_application.exe /seamless-type:ericom
/shell-dir:C:\app_folder /d:domainname /u:my_user /p:my_password /v:

Our server is MS Windows 2008 R2, client side is Windows 8.2 64bit. Also tried on Windows 7 32 bit with same results.

Any suggestions gratefully received :)


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Joined: 23 Jul 2014
By Anonymous » 07 Aug 2014

Hi James,

Can you contact your local Ericom support office to follow up on the issue?  Please request a support number from them for reference.  The forum is not the most efficient method of receiving technical support, but we will respond to this thread once we look into the issue.  Blaze 3.4 will also be released in a week or two, so please test it.  We will announce the release on this forum.

Thank you,
Ericom Software

By Anonymous » 08 Aug 2014

I had contacted Ericom support before putting this post up. Confused everyone.

Spent a whole day changing one parameter at a time - changing the second meant going back and testing all options of the first, repeating it all for the third parameter etc.

Anyway, found the solution in the end and though I had posted it here, but obviously not.







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