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Upgrade to Windows 2012 R2 Breaks ESG

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By Nik1176 » 07 Feb 2015

We've been testing upgrade of the server we use for ESG (W2K8R2). Before upgrading everything works perfectly. After the upgrade ESG is really slow in delivering pages and only delivers pages to IE - Chrome gets "ERROR_CONNECTION_CLOSED". 

After looking into the logs, ESG now has errors that say the Local Security Authority cannot be contacted. 

Has anyone come across this with Windows 2012 R2? 

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By Udi-Ericom » 05 Mar 2015

Hi Nik,

Local Security Authority Subsystem Service (LSASS), is a process in Microsoft Windows operating systems that is responsible for enforcing the security policy on the system. It verifies users logging on to a Windows computer or server, handles password changes, and creates access tokens.

In order to better understand the issue, could you please provide the following information:
1) Do you see lsass.exe process running in Windows Task bar?
2) Does the problem persist after rebooting the machine?
3) Which account do you use for running Ericom Secure Gateway service? Does the problem persist after changing the log on account of this service to local administrator?
4) Do you see any error related to this issue in Windows event log?
5) Did you configure ESG to use Ericom Authentication Server? If yes - Is the Authentication Server is running on the same machine used for the ESG?


 It also writes to the Windows Security Log.

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