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Excel Problem

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By jjaninhoff » 15 Jul 2016

Wer have
Problems with Ericom Connect 7.5.2 running MS office 2013. Client is Windows 7
64 bit.

Wenn we copie some cels with strg+c and strg+v or copy with mouse the application hang up
and we get this error message:

Ericom Blaze Client not response
Program close
waiting for the programm to response.

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By Cristian_Ericom » 26 Jul 2016

Hello jjaninhoff,

Thank you for contacting the Ericom Customer Advocacy team.
The issue that you reported is currently under investigation by our R&D team, in the CA0000025509 ticket.
As soon as we will have an update we will get back to you.

Kind regards,

Cristian,Customer Advocacy TL EMEA, Ericom

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By saraedward » 07 Apr

same problem i also faced
sara edward
hr@ dissertation proposal writing

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