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Down time of SQL Server

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By Yasue » 21 Apr 2016

How long can I stop the SQL server?
How do I estimate data amount which are written data like log data to the SQL server when the SQL server stopping?
I knew its depend on the system , so what should I consider the points.

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By Cristian_Ericom » 04 May 2016

Hello Yasue,

If the database gets filled, or otherwise stops functioning, the system will queue all database updates in-memory until the database is back to a working state.
In the dashboard, there will be a red indicator when the database is down. You will also see the number of queued messages. If Connect is restarted while there are items in the queue, they will be lost. This can include configuration information as well as log messages. 

At the default logging level, it should take quite a long time to fill the RAM with the log messages, a couple of days or even more. It depends on how many clients do you have and the amount of RAM the server has.
There is no formula to calculate exactly how much time Connect will work without the SQL server.

The main idea is that, with a 50 users license, you should be able to have a functional Connect setup for at least a week without the SQL server functioning in this time frame.

Kind regards,

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By Yasue » 06 May 2016

Thank you. I'll try it.

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