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Connection Failed

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By Chris_Arthur-Terry » 29 Oct 2015

Hi Guys
I searched for the error I am getting and there was a deleted post, but couldn't read all of the solution.

Connection Failed: Some browsers to not support encryption connections for desktop sessions.  Please try to connect with an SSL encryption disabled.

Using IE11 2012 connect and 2012 RDS box.  I have a wild cad cert that I added with the CLI, and it seemed to accept it ok.

Any ideas



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By Cristian_Ericom » 03 Nov 2015


Thank you for contacting Ericom.
Regarding the issue you are currently experiencing, you could fix this by changinf the encryption leve of RDP to low.
the following link will be useful:

If you still encounter issues, please contact us at ca [@]

Kind regards,

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