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Clip Baord is Ericom Connect

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By Cadre-Support » 26 Oct 2015

We have an issue with Clipboard Passing one way only - from Server to Client.  We cannot Pass Clipboard from Client to any published apps on Server.

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By Cristian_Ericom » 03 Nov 2015


Thank you for contacting Ericom.
If it is not too much trouble, could you please send an email to ca [at] with the following information ?
- Ericom product you are using and it's version;
- the serial number you received from Ericom or from the re-seller;
- Server OS version and architecture (x86 or x64);
- Host OS version and architecture;
- browser used (if applicable);
- detailed description of the issue. Please include screenshots if you have them.

Kind regards,

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