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Analytics story

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By Yasue » 21 Jun 2016

   Dose anyone have good story to show the demonstration of Analyics?

  Please give me some Good story about Analyics showing.

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By Cristian_Ericom » 07 Jul 2016

Hello Yasue, 

Please see the answer sent by James:

This visualization helps an Admin track the historical usage from the system point of view. 
The tree shows each System that have been used in Ericom Connect. Systems that have not been touched will not be displayed. 
When you click on a system, it shows all the published applications that have been used on it. Applications that have not been launched will not be displayed. 
Finally, when you click on the application, it will show which users have launched the application on the system. Users that have not used the system will not be displayed. 

Sometimes it is helpful to see this information to trace usage based on the system. For example, perhaps there was a wrong assignment of between the published application and system - and users from the training department are accidentally accessing a system that is intended only for the finance department. The admin can click on the system for the Finance department and see all the applications and users that have been active on the system in the past (and identify if there are some unauthorized users). 

Let me know if you have any questions about my explanation above. 

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