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By Anonymous » 04 Aug 2014

Anyone using Ericom with Chromebook. What has been your experience?

By Yasue » 20 Aug 2014

Very good !
  It lseems like to use local desktop,  when I connect to the RDS server via AccessNow from Chrombook.

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Joined: 28 May 2014
By bwraith » 27 Mar 2015

Yes, very good for me, too. I have been using AccessNow on my Chromebooks for access to AWS Workspaces virtual desktops. I have found it to have a good appearance, flexible resizing to use my resolution, and very fast. Since AWS Workspaces uses PCoiP, the Chromebook so far has no way of connecting using the Amazon provided PCoiP method. Google's Chrome Remote Desktop also doesn't work very well right now because these VM machines don't have a good Display Adapter driver for Chrome Remote Desktop to work with. The AccessNow client/server works perfectly, though. I am also using on Google Compute Engine for a Windows 2008 R2 VM there, as well.

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By angellily » 16 Nov 2016

yes ,that's great.
best regards

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